“Transgender” Teacher Removed From Position After Allegedly Threatening To “Shoot Some Students”

Photo by xMizLitx on Flickr.com


A biological male who was transitioning to become a female has been removed from their teaching post in Hernando County, Florida.

The middle school teacher allegedly began talking about harming himself, saying he had thoughts of committing suicide. When asked if he owned any firearms, the teacher admitted that he did and wanted to “shoot some students” for not performing well.

A police report was filed and here are the insane details.

The teacher is a biological male and is married to a female but goes by the name “Ashlee.”

“Ashlee” Renczkowski is in the process of transitioning to “become a woman” – and became upset and “triggered” after reading comments on social media about his decision to become a female.

Assistant Principal Kerry Thornton reported Renczkowski made concerning comments about harming himself, and “shooting students”.

Newsmax reported:

“According to the report, Renczkowski, a biological male that is transitioning to female, told school Guidance Counselor Kimberly Walby that she was upset over social media posts talking negatively about her sexual orientation, and that some of her students were underperforming, making a comment that she wanted “to shoot some” of those students.

It’s reported police have removed the guns and ammunition from Renczkowski’s home during a pending investigation.

Although there is a mixture of information circling on social media as to what actually happened, the school tweeted they had removed the teacher effective Thursday, April 13.

Gender dysphoria is a mental health illness, and any adult who thinks they are a different gender than their biological sex is likely to struggle with further mental illness issues including suicidal thoughts.

Thankfully, the assistant principal and school counselor acted swiftly and reported the teacher so he could be removed from the classroom.

This event could’ve taken a dark turn if the teacher had been able to act upon his alleged threats because school administrators decided to ignore the warning signs.

As more and more teachers who “identify” as “transgender” are allowed to teach in schools, sadly it’s likely we’ll continue to see more events like this occur.

It’s no wonder so many parents are yanking their children out of the school system and choosing to homeschool instead.

From mandates to indoctrination – schools are no longer safe places for children to simply be kids and learn – they are breeding grounds for those wishing to push a pro-LGBT agenda.

Let’s hope this Florida teacher gets the mental health counseling he needs to deal with his issues and is not allowed to return to school as a teacher and work around children.

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