Illinois Governor Just Made An Unthinkable Attack On Babies

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Thanks to politicians like Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, babies are in danger like never before.

While we all know abortion ends the life of a beating heart, Pritzker made the most insane comment ever.

And once you hear the way he views abortion – you are bound to be horrified.

Pro-lifers have long sounded the alarm about the danger of promoting abortion pills.

Besides the obvious fact that kills an unborn baby, many women view them as “harmless” – and pop them like candy.

Many women take abortion pills and find themselves hovered over in pain and bleeding…

… as their precious baby is destroyed from the inside out.

One obnoxious pro-abort even took and abortion drug during a live interview, and then boasted that she was pregnant.

While we know these deadly pills are bad – leave it to pro-aborts to market them as something good.

But Illinois Governor Pritzker took things even further – and had the audacity to claim abortion drugs are “life-saving” care!

After Biden gave the green light for retail pharmacies to sell abortion drugs, many pharmacies jumped on board – except for Walgreens who decided not to sell them in every state due to pro-life laws.

But instead of respecting Walgreen’s decision – pro-aborts continue to push back and threaten the company.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker became irate at Walgreens for not distributing abortion pills and every state and tweeted:

“Women across the nation will be denied their right to access healthcare they are legally entitled to because of this awful corporate decision. @Walgreens must rethink this policy. To all the other pharmacy providers, we’ll stand with you so you can provide this lifesaving care.”


For a governor to call abortion pills “life-saving care” shows just how far gone our nation really is.

The abortion industry is built on a foundation of lies and continues to convince women abortion is something healthy and “life-saving.”

But abortion doesn’t save lives…

… it ends them.

As abortion advocates work overtime to close crisis pregnancy centers for spreading “misinformation” (not promoting abortion) – perhaps they should look at the mirror and realize the only “misinformation” is the lies they tell women like abortion drugs are life-saving.

The battle for life will continue to play out at the state level as those desperate to keep the slaughter of unborn babies legal will stop to low levels – including lying to women.

Thankfully, there is an army of pro-life activists who refuse to sit down and be quiet as babies continue to die.

Roe v. Wade being overturned is a start – but as we can see from the latest news, we have a long way to go in the battle of life.

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