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Cinderella Remake Teaches “Magic Has No Gender”- What Does That Mean?

  The left will not rest until their perverse agenda has reached the hearts and minds of every innocent child. Family movies used to be a safe haven from the worldly immorality infiltrating modern society – but not anymore! Even the new remake of the Disney classic Cinderella is turning […]

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Disney Launches Pro-LGBT Campaign Targeting Kids With Everything “Pride Friendly”

    With “Pride Month” quickly approaching, Disney is rolling out the rainbow carpet in anticipation of celebrating all things LGBT in a way like they never have before. While it’s no secret Disney supports a pro-LGBT agenda – their latest “pride campaign” takes it to a whole other level […]

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Disney’s Next Pixar Film Features LGBT Main Character

  Disney Pixar films like Toy Story and Inside Out have captured the hearts of children all across the world. Kids love the cartoon/animation combination, and eagerly await to see what Disney has in store for them next. But this time, Disney is using their loyal children-following to release an […]

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There’s No More Disguising Their Agenda — Disney Finally “Comes Out” In New Film

  Going to the movies is a favorite activity of most families – it gives us all a little quiet, quality time and is great for a rainy day. We all know the progressive agenda has been working to indoctrinate our children through media and entertainment, and they get more […]

Entertainment Giant Puts The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Its “Family” Reputation

Entertainment Giant Puts The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Its “Family” Reputation

We’ve all seen it – liberal outrage, protests, and downright temper-tantrums when someone dares disagree with their propaganda, or worse, does something about it. Such is the case now as state after state has decided that radical abortion supporters are crossing the line, and the innocent unborn need to be […]