Here’s The Real Reason “Pro-Women” Businesses Are Paying Women To Kill Their Babies

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The latest trend in the abortion movement includes business execs boasting about how they’ll pay for women to travel across state lines to kill their babies.

While these shady businesses hope to come across as “pro-women” – conservatives know the truth.

And once you hear the real reason why these companies are quick to help women slaughter their own babies – you’re bound to be horrified.

To start – we all know true healthcare doesn’t include ripping a baby from the safety of its mother’s womb.

Yet once the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – liberals had a frantic meltdown – claiming the “extreme” ideology of the right was now taking away women’s rights.

Women dressed up as “handmaids” to mimic the popular TV show A Handmaid’s Tale protested all around the country – moaning that America was “forcing” women to give birth.

Employers like Amazon and Yelp quickly jumped on the bandwagon and started promising they’d pay travel expenses for women to kill their babies.

Other companies who are now covering the travel fees for women to kill their babies in other states include Netflix, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney, Hulu, Old Navy, PayPal, Q-Tips, Ben & Jerry’s, Duolingo, Popsicle, Gap, Airbnb, ESPN, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Mastercard, CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks and even baby Dove! 

And while Starbucks and other far-left companies got on board – now it seems to be as if businesses are almost competing to be the most “abortion-friendly”.

But the truth is – these businesses would rather fork over a couple hundred bucks to pay a woman to travel to an abortion-legal state – rather than actually care for her as a pregnant employee.

If companies really cared about women – they would support a pregnant woman and give her time off for prenatal appointments – or even extra sick time. They’d help women who had trouble conceiving, or even offer adoption benefits.

And instead of expecting women to give birth to a new LIFE and then spend a week or two (if they’re lucky) home with their baby before going back to work – companies would extend maternity leave so mother’s can rest and bond with their babies.

But of course – all of the above benefits cost money – and employers don’t want to pay it.

In addition – they know if a woman aborts her baby she’ll be more “productive” as she’ll be able to “focus” better and not have to “worry” about caring for her child.

Still – hoping to attract women – employers are tripping over themselves to offer the abortion benefit as an incentive. 

The Hill reported:

“Most large employers already covered abortions in their health care plans. Now, some firms, including Netflix, are paying as much as $10,000 to cover an employee’s out-of-state travel for the procedure. They’re under pressure to provide the benefits amid a tight labor market, where more than 11 million jobs remain unfilled and employers struggle to attract workers. 

The Society for Human Resource Management said in a note that employers are offering abortion benefits as a way to “enhance their ability to compete for talent.” Those policies include allowing workers to pay for travel using their health savings account.”

But the truth is – all these companies care about is their bottom line – and keeping up with the radical pro-abort agenda. 

After all, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris regularly use their platform to promote abortion.

But as pro-lifers – we know these companies are on the wrong side of history.

Women have proven throughout history they can have children and be successful.

It’s a bold-faced lie to tell women the only way they’ll make it in life is to kill their own baby.

And when the dust settles – a day will come when the world will look back in horror at the thought that companies actually paid women to slaughter their unborn babies.

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