Starbucks Joins The Abortion Bandwagon And Offers Free Abortions To Employees

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Anti-family Starbucks has a message to their employees – and it is deadly. 

Hoping to jump aboard the pro-abort bandwagon, Starbucks joins the ever-growing list of companies who want to pay their employees to get an abortion.

And once you hear the new “benefit” Starbucks is offering their employees – you’re bound to be outraged. 

Starbucks has long made itself a political player (and pawn) for liberals.

On their own website – the boast about being an “ally” to LGBT activists – and have donated large sums of money to organizations that promote the LGBT lifestyle.

Starbucks recently gave $50k to the National Center for Transgender Equality, and has partnered and sponsored a slew of other left-wing groups.

And while Starbucks is committed to “equality” – apparently when it comes to unborn babies Starbucks doesn’t care what happens to them. 

In their latest marketing ploy – Starbucks joins the growing list of companies like Yelp and Amazon who have pledged funds to help employees kill their babies out-of-state.


But not only is Starbucks more than willing to pay for mothers to end the precious life growing inside their womb – they’ve even offered to pay for “gender affirming” care out of state – essentially helping their employees who struggle with gender dysphoria to “transition” and change “genders.” 

Even more horrifying – Starbucks is extending the “benefit” from employees to their dependents. 

LifeSite News reported:

“Employees and their dependents will receive financial backing from Starbucks to travel for abortion or ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries as part of the corporation’s benefits package. 

The policy will kick in for any of the company’s 240,000 employees who would need to travel 100 miles or more to obtain an abortion or “gender-affirming” surgical procedure.”

Upon hearing the news, many folks have finally decided to stop giving their hard-earned dollars to Starbucks – which fundamentally supports a radical agenda opposed to conservative family values.

We’ve truly reached a dark place in our nation where businesses are tripping over themselves to be the next one to offer a radical new leftist “benefit.”

Companies used to attract employees with financial incentives like a decent wage, generous vacation days, and raises.

Now, the trend seems to be promoting abortions and “transgender” surgeries as some sort of litmus test on just how “progressive” a business is. 

Starbucks execs should be ashamed of themselves – they aren’t – but they truly should be.

Instead of investing in their employee’s long-term health – like providing mental health counseling for those struggling with gender dysphoria – or offering life-saving ultrasounds at crisis pregnancy centers – Starbucks is doing the opposite.

Of course – they love the attention and fame they are getting.

But when the dust is settled and history finally reveals those on the abortion side were on the wrong side – Starbucks will have the black eye.

History has proven advocating for the slaying of innocent lives never ends well – and Starbucks will hopefully one day reap the consequences of what they’ve sown and be forced to close their doors for good. 

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