Chicago Shocks Us By Becoming A Sanctuary City For More Than Just Illegal Immigrants

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The word “sanctuary” used to denote a place of refuge, a place free from harm – but it now represents the exact opposite.

Liberals have turned “sanctuary cities” into a frightening place where lawlessness resides and danger increases.

And you will not believe what this left-leaning city is now provided “sanctuary” from!

Political circles and the media have dubbed “sanctuary cities” as cities where illegal immigrants are safe to come live and enjoy all the benefits of United States citizenship without any of the responsibilities.

This negligent plan of action – in attempt to pull in votes – has not only put families in danger by allowing violent illegal immigrants to evade the law but is an idea that, as it turns out, is actually not fully supported by the left – as we saw happen at Martha’s Vineyard.

Unfortunately, Chicago has taken a bad idea and broadened it, using the phrase “sanctuary city” to also include a safe place to get an abortion or transgender “care” with no impediments, as Elizabeth Johnston reports.

This aggressive move comes as many conservative states have placed stricter guidelines on abortion access, if not banning it entirely, after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Conservative politicians are also cracking down on doctors performing gender-transition surgery on children.

Arkansas has banned transgender surgery on children completely in a bold move against Biden’s efforts to make transgender surgery available to all – and even appointing a transgender to head federal healthcare policies, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

The new ordinance in Chicago to be a sanctuary city for “reproductive healthcare” and transgender surgeries bans people from taking legal action against anyone participating in these practices – as long as it is legal in Chicago.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is known for taking big swings for abortion rights, said in an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times:

I pledged that we will always be a city that respects the dignity of bodily autonomy for women. That we’re always gonna make sure our providers are able to serve women, wherever they reside, that are coming to our city to access reproductive health care services because that, to me, is a fundamental right.”

The ordinance which is titled, “Bodily Autonomy Sanctuary City Ordinance” prohibits even the Chicago police department or other local government agency from “aiding in investigations involved with enforcing laws relating to abortion or ‘other reproductive’ care,” reports The Times.

Killing unborn babies is not “serving” women but endangering their mind and bodies in the present and future.

Devastatingly, this precedent will likely breed death and destruction as other liberal cities follow suit like mentally unstable sheep.

However, their efforts will not be as profound and impactful as the overturning of Roe v. Wade, so while there are still battles to be fought, it does not predicate the outcome of the war on the sanctity of life.