Victory! Arkansas Bans Gender Reassignment Surgery On Children

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The left has vigilantly and violently butchered the meaning of healthcare in the United States – especially for our children!

Combating disease, fixing a broken bone, or addressing diabetes and heart disease is no longer making headlines in the medical field – trying to change the person you were born as is what liberals focus on as an “issue.”

But in one state, great strides are being made to once again make the atrocity of gender reassignment surgeries prohibited.

Business Insider reports:

“Arkansas became the first state to pass a bill prohibiting doctors from providing gender-affirming medical care to transgender youth following a vote in the state Senate on Monday.”

The piece of legislation titled, “Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act,” will stop insurance companies from covering medical procedures and pharmaceuticals that aim to alter a child’s biological sex.

It is flabbergasting that “health care” has even begun to include moral depravities such as gender reassignment and abortion.

There has even been an instance where our tax dollars paid for a gender reassignment surgery through Medicaid because it was considered a “necessary” procedure.

Protecting our children from experimentation with drugs, possibly leading to their death, as Mommy Underground has previously reported, is something most states are actively fighting against.

One father who was trying to protect his 5-year-old daughter is facing 5-years in prison for impeding her from taking dangerous hormone drugs to begin “transitioning” her to a male!

The SAFE Act, HB 1570, passed 28-7 in the state Senate, according to Business Insider.

In addition to not allowing insurance companies to pay for gender reassignment hormones or surgery, the bill – when it becomes law – would stop doctors from referring children to other providers who would do the harmful treatments.

Although, Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson has not publicly stated an opinion on HB 1570, it looks promising that he will sign the bill into law once on his desk.

Recently, for the first time in American history a male who goes by the name “Sarah” won for state Senate in Biden’s hometown of Delaware.

While that is a step backwards for the moral integrity of this nation, Arkansas has taken two steps forward in protecting the future of our children by being the first state in the nation to specifically ban doctors from performing any gender reassignment approach on children.

Of course, there is a lot of pushback from the LGBT+ community and medical professionals who have financial incentives to push pricey procedures on impressionable youth and scared parents.

Children who are suffering with identity issues need to know the innate value and worth of who they were created to be, not told lies about how all their problems will be solved if they change who they are.

We can pray other states follow Arkansas’ lead and protect the future of our youth in this nation.