Medicaid Pays For Final “Transgender” Boy Who Started To “Transition” To A Girl At Age 4

A mother of a 4-year old boy with autism claims her son never felt comfortable “living as a male” and wanted to become a girl.

The child struggled with such gender dysphoria, he even tried chastising himself as a child.

Instead of immediately taking this child to get mental counseling to address his distress, the mother of this young boy further fed the disfunction – and forced taxpayers to fund it. 

The mother tried to get puberty blockers for her son which were at first denied, but she persisted and fought for them.

Medicaid ended up covering them.

Apparently, the mother sought advice from a “gender identity therapist” who warned the mother she must move forward with the transition or their child would kill himself. 

USA TODAY reported:

Early on, DeShanna and her husband, Chris, consulted a gender identity therapist who confirmed their suspicions and spelled out the consequences of doing nothing. Suicide is the leading cause of death among transgender youth.

“Do you want a happy little girl or a dead little boy?” the gentle woman with the bob cut said, matter-of-factly.”

But the truth is, the suicide rate for those who transition and regret it later is high.

Many adults who begin the irreversible transition process become depressed as adults, knowing they can’t undue the damage to their body. 

However instead of protecting her child, the mother didn’t stop fighting for Medicaid to cover even more “gender transition” items for her son.

She actually got Medicaid to agree to fund the final “transition” piece which will turn her son into a “girl.”

To allow a child to have “gender confirmation surgery” is child abuse.

It’s even more tragic to know this young man has special needs, which further impacts his decision-making capabilities.

Instead of the media speaking out on the injustice against this young child, they are celebrating it.

In fact, LGBT activists are further exploiting this young boy with special needs in a desperate attempt to make their movement seem normal and healthy.

USA Today posted an article titled ‘I am a girl’: One child’s journey to ‘truegender’, as if a little boy destroying his body is something that should be celebrated. 

And as for the mother, USA Today reports she has now become a national “transgender” advocate – following right in step with other parents who claim to “advocate” for their child by forcing a gender change.

The medical community continues to perform “transition” ceremonies, and even encourages the practice. 

While the world celebrates the destruction of gender, more and more children are thrust into a system that could very likely end up in suicide. 

What are your thoughts on Medicaid paying for the “transition” of a young boy with special needs to a girl?

Do you agree that any mother who allows this to happen should be found guilty of child abuse?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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