Doctors Unite and Agree to Authorize Testosterone To 8-Year Old Girls

The “transgender” movement has poisoned the minds of medical doctors and the consequences are frightening.

Doctors have the power to “sign off” on procedures and prescribe medications, and their latest bandwagon campaign endangers young girls in a significant way.

And once you find out about the “experiments” taking place right here in America involving young children, you’re bound to be outraged.

To start – the whole “transgender” phenonium is a myth.

We are born either male or female, despite the propaganda being funneled by the LGBT crew in hopes of making “transgenderism” mainstream.

It’s one thing if adults want to screw up their lives – but forcing children to take life-altering hormone medication should be criminal.

However, more and more cases are arising right here in the U.S. with those in authority allowing children to either “identify” as the gender of their choice or begin even more extreme “transition” hormone treatments.

And one of the biggest lies currently being peddled to parents is if they don’t allow their children to partake in this transition – the child is at risk of suicide – and in some cases judges even threaten to revoke custody from the parent.

However as Mommy Underground previously reported, those who “change genders” are actually at a greater risk of suicide than others.

And thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the truth on the harmful practices being bestowed upon children by the medical community has been brought into the light.

As it turns out NIH is running all kinds of experiments on children – such as removing the breasts of perfectly healthy 13-year old girls or helping 8-year old girls “transition to a man” by injecting them with hormones.

Dr. Michael Laidlaw an endocrinologist from California is outraged at what is happening to young children and recently participated in a panel to expose the truth.

The Christian Post reported:

“This whole thing is an experiment on children. We are ignoring the voices of desisters and people who have come out of this and recognize their sex. And the NIH is allowing unethical research to be conducted on adolescents, in my opinion.”

Laidlaw and his colleagues used FOIA requests to obtain more information about Olson-Kennedy’s study at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and found that in 2017 they lowered the minimum age for cross-sex hormones from 13 to 8.

“Imagine giving 8-year-old girls testosterone,” Laidlaw said. “They are in 3rd or 4th grade. This is unbelievable. But this is going on.”

These doctors should be locked away.

Truly, to rob the innocence of a child by altering the makeup of their bodies should be illegal.

But the fact that NIH received nearly $6 million in a research grant to “experiment” on children is startling and points to a danger underlying tone of our culture.

Make no mistake – those in the LGBT movement do not want to just live quiet lives.

They want to force their agenda onto everyone, and they are gunning for our children in a major way.

To protect our children we must continue to speak truth on what is happening, before it’s too late.

What are your thoughts about an 8-year old girl receiving male hormone treatments?

Do you think NIH should receive funding to “experiment” with gender “transition” techniques on children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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