Liberal Doctors Are Performing Unthinkable “Transgender” Surgery On Young Girls

The LGBT agenda has officially infiltrated American culture, and you won’t believe what is happening to young girls.

Doctors are doing the unthinkable, all in the name of “eradicating gender.”

And as healthy girls are getting on the operation table, they are making the biggest mistake of their life.

Even worse, their actions are irreversible.

Once teens make this life-altering decision, there is no turning back.

Teens are getting the brunt of the LGBT agenda, as schools are often encouraging teens to “live the gender of their choice.”

Mommy Underground reported on “transgender” athletes sweeping away the competition, by having men compete (and win) in female-only sports.

And of course, the media is playing into the vulnerable life season of teens and creating shows showing same-sex couples, which further adds to the confusion.

But while it used to be a girl just “wished” she was a boy, now it is becoming a reality.

And the latest rage will leave your head spinning, as perfectly healthy teenage girls are choosing to have a double mastectomy, so they can live as a boy.

The Federalist reported:

“Although well over 60 percent of these adolescents had previously been diagnosed with a mental-health disorder or neurodevelopment problem, many parents reported that “the [gender specialist] clinician did not explore issues of mental health, previous trauma, or any alternative causes of gender dysphoria before proceeding [with medical transition].”

These clinicians seemed to rely primarily on self-reports of the patients who wanted the treatment — patients who came prepared with talking points they had received from their online sources (for example, advice to threaten suicide if treatment demands aren’t met).”

Any doctor who performs this act on a thirteen-year-old child should have their license revoked.

Gender dysphoria is a real thing, and every good doctor should recognize it.

To further add to a child’s mental confusion by performing a mastectomy shows these “doctors” are more concerned about placating the LGBT agenda than they are about protecting young girls from further trauma.

Doctors need to grow up and act like adults.

A thirteen-year-old girl is just a child.

What happens when a girl suddenly turns 16 and regrets her decision?

Can you imagine the emotional trauma she will face for the rest of her life, all because as a child she made a decision, that was actually backed and supported by the medical community?

There are no words.

Sadly, many women suffer from breast cancer and are forced to have the mastectomy to save their lives.

And these young teens are willingly choosing this path, simply because they woke up and suddenly “felt like” they wanted to be a boy.

But of course, to LGBT activists, decisions like these are considered “victories”, even though it leads to a bunch of confused teens, who suddenly snap out of it.

Any doctor who promotes this surgery should be absolutely ashamed.

Do you think a doctor should perform a double mastectomy on a healthy teenage girl who suddenly wants to be a boy?

What do you think should happen to doctors who choose to perform the surgery on children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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