LGBT Activists Outraged At “Transgender” Children Who Snap Out Of It

It’s no secret LGBT activists have targeted children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle, and liberals have no tolerance for those who disagree.

And if a child suddenly decides they are no longer “transgender”, there is all but a bounty out on their life.

As one liberal reporter recently learned, disagreeing with the LGBT agenda has dire consequences.

You see, well-spoken LGBT activists try to paint the image they are “discriminated” against by society, and all they want is “acceptance.”

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is, LGBT activists won’t stop until their way of life is forced upon all.

And in a sickening trend of events, they are resorting to targeting children, crafting up propaganda determined to convince children they are “transgender.”

One liberal reporter wrote a piece for The Atlantic titled “When Children Say They’re Trans.”

The story tells of one teenage girl who thought she was “transgender”, and wanted to have a double-mastectomy to fully make the transition.

Thankfully, her parents had enough sense and denied her the surgery, seeking to protect the young girl from making the biggest mistake of her life.

And it’s a good thing, because just a short time later, the girl “realized” she was no longer “transgender.”

Had her parents allowed her to go forward with the surgery, the teenage girl would have to deal with the consequences of her short sporadic burst to embrace the “transgender” lifestyle.

But when the liberal reporter told the story as it happened, LGBT activists were furious.

After all, this is exactly the narrative they don’t want to get out.

LifeSite News reported:

“Activist Amelia Gapin responded to The Atlantic essay on Twitter, which was accompanied by the question: “Your child says she’s trans. She wants hormones and surgery. She’s 13 years old. What do you do?”

Only one response, Gapin said, irrespective of the double-mastectomy a healthy teenage girl would have gotten due to Gapin’s ideological extremism, is permissible in response to a child saying they might be trans:

“You listen to her and believe her. You take her to a therapist who has experience with transgender children. You get her on hormone blockers if that’s what she wants/needs. You have compassion and focus on her needs and happiness. You ignore anything Jesse Singal writes.”

Deep down, many LGBT activists know teens are confused and aren’t capable of making such life-altering decisions.

But if that narrative actually got out to the public, it would forever put a hole in the twisted narrative they desperately are trying to force down Americans’ throats.

In order to keep pushing the LGBT agenda, activists must create a sense of urgency for people, especially children to act on their “transgender” feelings.

Thankfully this teenage girl was saved from the emotional trauma many face, but as Mommy Underground previously reported, not every child is so lucky to escape.

LGBT activists are twisted, and they won’t stop pushing their narrative onto children.

Their latest emotional outburst proves what conservatives knew all along – they aren’t about acceptance or “tolerance”, they won’t stop until their way of life is adopted by all.

And they’re even willing to turn on their own base, in order to preserve their twisted agenda.

Why do you think LGBT activists are so infuriated with children who decide they are no longer “transgender”?

Do you agree with the parents’ decision to stop their teenage daughter from getting a double mastectomy and “transitioning to a boy”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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