“Transgender” Parents Force Sex-Change On 5-Year-Old Boy

It’s tragic enough when grown adults make the decision to ruin their lives by becoming “transgender”.

But it’s even worse when they encourage their own children to “change genders” and adopt a “transgender” lifestyle.

So when the LGBT community applauded one “transgender” family for helping their 5-year-old boy begin the process of “becoming a girl”, bystanders were speechless and fearful at the inevitable outcome awaiting this child.

You see, this 5-year-old boy is forced to live with his mother and his “step-dad Greg”, who was really born a woman but now “identifies” as a male.

“Greg” is insistent that although she was born a woman, she is really the child’s “father”, and she is happy her child no longer wants to be a male.

Instead of getting her child therapy, she is helping to transition her little boy into a “girl”.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The couple claimed they thought it was “probably just a phase” at first but changed their minds because the behavior has “been consistent ever since. She is adamant she’s a girl.”

Jody told the outlet, “All we want is Jayden to be happy and proud of who she is, whatever that might be.”

The parents base this ridiculousness on the fact that their little boy likes to play dress up, and often says he doesn’t want to be a boy anymore.

This is outrageous as this little boy is just a child!

All children go through phases.

Just because a little boy doesn’t take on strong masculine traits, doesn’t mean he should be “transitioned” to a female.

And with this couple raising him, the “role models” in his life are certainly not healthy adults teaching him right from wrong.

No innocent child should have to endure what these sick parents are forcing him to embrace.

His childhood is ruined.

And when he grows up as a “female”, he will still be forced to deal with the consequences of what was done to him by grown adults.

Point blank, the actions of these parents are abusive.

And while the little boy watches his “transgender” parents and thinks their behavior is normal, we know it isn’t.

But it isn’t just the “transgender” father figure in his life helping with the transition.

The child’s mother, who was born a female, claims she is “grieving” that her child wants to change, but after talking with her pro-LGBT friends, she was “naïve” to think she could keep her child a boy.

Basically, she is letting a 5-year-old child call the shots.

The Daily Mail reports:

“For Jody, a heterosexual university student, the transition has had a profound effect on her as Jayden’s biological mother. To begin with, she ignored her child’s requests, hoping it was just a phase, before finally giving in. She said: ‘I was naïve. I didn’t think a child could be transgender and it isn’t until now, after speaking to other parents in our situation, that we realise it is more common than everyone thinks.

‘I had a son one moment and a daughter the next. It probably took me six months to start accepting that it was what Jayden really wanted. It’s been like a grieving process for me, though. I do miss having a son and, as a baby, Jayden looked so much like a boy.”

Clearly this mother is mentally ill.

Not only is she with a “transgender” mate, but she thinks her 5-year-old has the authority or intellect to determine his own gender.

What little 5-year-old Jayden really needs is to be removed from his home, and adopted into a safe family.

But tragically, as his parents let him begin the process of “transitioning” to a girl at the tender age of 5, his life is bound to be full of darkness and confusion.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, individuals who become “transgender” often become so depressed, they hurt themselves physically, and some even commit suicide.

Let’s hope little Jayden makes it out alive and is rescued from his abusive parents.

Do you think this little boy should be taken away from his parents?

What are your thoughts on this “transgender” family encouraging their 5-year-old to become a girl?

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