Father Faces 5-Years In Prison For Not Going Along With His Underage Daughter’s “Gender Transition”

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash


Any good parent would do anything to protect their children – and this father is even willing to face jail time to stop the unthinkable.

When he discovered his underage daughter was being encouraged and brainwashed by her school and mother to undergo a gender “transition” process – he did everything he could to stop it.

But in a series of events that shocked the world, instead of siding with the rational father – the court agreed to let the transition continue – and threatened severe penalties if the father didn’t stand down.

Mommy Underground previously reported on the horrific ordeal this father has been through – all because the other adults in her life proceeded to lead her astray.

When his then 14-year-old daughter was threatening to kill herself if she wasn’t allowed to change genders – immediately her mother and school counselors should have urged her to get the mental help she needs.

But instead of supporting and protecting her, the school actually encouraged the 14-year-old girl to move forward with her transition – despite the fervent protests of the father.

When he took her case to the courts – instead of having the best interest of the child at heart – the court actually sided with the mom and the school – insisting the father needed to back off and let the transition occur.

If he interfered, they threatened to come after him with a charge of “family violence.”

They also demanded he keep quiet about what was happening, and not talk to the media.

But this father refused to be silent as he watched the government ruin the life of his precious daughter.

And just what procedures did the courts allow?

LifeSite News reported:

“These procedures include puberty-blockers, opposite-sex hormones, likely followed by surgical procedures. According to the “gender clinic” hospital’s own consent form (which the father refused to sign), these drugs are experimental and will cause sterility and other dangerous side effects, such as unhealthy bone growth.

The effects are irreversible. But the judges and other government officials are ignoring those dangers.”

It’s sickening to think the court would actually allow experimental gender-altering drugs to be given at the request of a suicidal teenager.

This proves once and for all their best interest is never in the children themselves, but instead they are obsessed with pushing an LGBT agenda – even at the expense of a child.

And because this father named those who made this experimental process possible – a warrant has been placed for his arrest.

He’s since turned himself in, but not before doing several public interviews sounding the alarm on what is happening.

And if we think because this took place in Canada it can’t happen here – just look at what Biden has already done to make LGBT policies the law of the land in our schools.

It’s not like those in power in the United States actually believe in advocating for the traditional family unit.

What a sad moment for our world when a court would deny a father’s right to protect his child, and instead use her as a way to promote their perverse agenda.

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