Social Worker Busted For Forcing Woman To Get An Abortion After He Sexually Assaulted Her

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A vulnerable woman sought help from a local social worker, but instead she was sexually assaulted – and became pregnant – by the man sent to help her.

On top of being taken advantage of, the man sought to cover up his crime and forced the victim to get an abortion.

And once you hear the shocking details of what took place you’re bound to be horrified.

To start – we know sexual predators love abortion because it allows them to keep harming women without facing consequences.

Sexual predators have often taken underage girls to Planned Parenthood to cover up sexual abuse, and instead of standing with young teens – Planned Parenthood often backs the predator – and performs abortions without question.

All around the United States leftists are advocating for young women to get abortions without parental consent.

Some states like California already allow this, but more states are set to follow suit.

Of course, pro-lifers are pleading with lawmakers not to pass such a wicked law because it will shield sexual predators – who often use abortion to cover their deeds.

And in Scotland – that’s exactly what happened.

David Phillips worked for the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and began sending personal messages and exchanged phone numbers with a vulnerable woman who was under the care of his employer.

But once she became pregnant, he began to berate her claiming it was “all her fault” – and demanded she have an abortion. He paid for a taxi and then sent her off to kill her baby.

Thankfully, SSSC swiftly acted and began an investigation – and has since fired the man.

Referring to the victim as “AA” – the report faults him for beginning the “sexual relationship” with the woman.

Life News reported:

“The SSSC report states: “You sent numerous messages to a service user with the intention of forming a sexual relationship with them. You met service user AA while she was using the services of your employer, therefore you would be well aware of her vulnerabilities through your role. You then formed a sexual relationship with AA, which resulted in a pregnancy which was terminated”.

Your actions caused AA emotional and physical harm and amounted to a significant abuse of a position of trust. You used controlling behaviour towards her in order to conceal this relationship from others”.

“You took advantage of your position to make contact with her when she was a vulnerable service user, demonstrating a clear breach of professional boundaries”.

But the truth is – Phillips sexually assaulted the woman.

Intentionally taking advantage of a vulnerable woman who was seeking services through a social worker, keeping it a secret, and then coercing her to get an abortion to cover up the deed is different than a consensual sexual relationship between two adults.

While it’s great he was “fired” – he should have faced harsher consequences.

But if places continue to back sexual predators over victims, more women will continue to suffer in silence while the predator is free to take advantage of more women.

Our hearts are with “AA” as she begins the process of healing from the trauma she endured at the hands of those who were supposed to help her.

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