Lib News Host Compares Slavery To Abortion Rights In Ridiculous Rant

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The left has fostered a mindset that all original origins of the United States have been founded on racism.

While the idea is skewed and a whole issue in itself it has laid the groundwork for a particular worldview that has tainted all areas of American society.

In an opinion piece by a host on a popular news agency race and slavery were brought up in relation to something you will not believe.

Fox News reports:

“Joy Reid suggested Wednesday the state owns pregnant women’s bodies now, like slavery, thanks to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.”

Joy Reid hosts the wildly unpopular show “Reid Out” on MSNBC, where she recently opened up with the Kansas election on whether or not the state would allow abortions.

The traditional red state surprised the nation when the amendment to restrict abortions was turned down.

Reid called this vote an “F-U” to pro-lifers in one of her many misguided rants on the liberal agenda.

She then added:

“In much clearer terms the right to an abortion will remain in the Kansas constitution, a state constitution, by the way, that in its original form was built on opposition to slavery.”

This is where her illogical worldview really begins to present itself.

Connecting slavery to abortion is a stretch, so naturally Reid has to elaborate to her guests exactly how to make the connection.

She continues:

“I think it’s actually poetic that it happened in Kansas. Because this is a state that wrestled with the question of who owns people. It wrestled with the question of slavery, and this question is a question of who owns you, who owns your body. And what Alito said is, your state owns your body. The minute you become pregnant your state owns your body and your state can tell you what to do with it. Sorry, no luck. You don’t own yourself”

Reid attacks Alito here because he was the one who wrote the majority opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade – which was a monumental moment for unborn children and the pro-life movement.

Abortion isn’t a matter of who owns your body but the right to life for the individual inside your body.

“The minute you become pregnant”, as Reid put it, it is no longer just your body that is in question.

Slavery says one has a right to an individual to do what they want with them.

If anything, slavery is comparable to the pro-choice movement who aims at justifying they have a right to do what they want with another life.

Reid is notorious for being anti-Christian and anti-life, so her sentiments to discredit and degrade pro-life legislation is not surprising.

You would’ve thought with her professional stature she would have refrained from such an idiotic stance – but with liberal network viewers dropping as quickly as they are, it could’ve been a desperate attempt to shock some people into tuning in.