Pro-Abort Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Insinuates Babies Are Better Off Dead Than Poor

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Leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is at it again – and you won’t believe what she’s done this time.

As one of the most extreme members of Congress – she’s proud to advocate for the killing of unborn babies – as if abortion actually “helps women.”

And with the midterm election right around the corner – yet again AOC is using her position and influence to utter the unthinkable – and just wait until you hear what she said now.

To start, we all know that babies are an incredible gift from God – and that every baby deserves the right to be born.

For pregnant moms who are struggling, there are a variety of resources available to help them make ends meet – and even provide for their unborn babies.

Some moms selflessly even make the decision to place their babies up for adoption if they feel they are unable to care for them as they desire.

But instead of helping promote life-saving crisis pregnancy centers or promoting resources to help struggling pregnant moms – AOC is claiming that unborn babies are essentially better off “dead” than “poor.”

Of course, she is simply continuing on with her rant to blast any American who has achieved success with her pro-socialist policies – but this time she had the nerve to tie abortion to the issue.

In a shocking tweet, AOC claimed that “forcing poor and working-class people to give birth against their will” is a “trap” that leads them into “economic setback and desperation.”

So, if people aren’t “forced to give birth” …

… the only suggested alternative she insinuates is to do away with the “economic problem” of a baby.

To actually claim that a human being is better off “dead” than poor is callous to the core – and reveals the true hearts of the extreme left.

As shocking as her statement is, AOC is known for doing and saying shocking things to gain attention.

Like the time when she was arrested during an abortion protest and she dramatically placed her hands behind her back like she was handcuffed (when she wasn’t).

Or the time she posted a drunken rant while assembling IKEA furniture mumbling about climate change and the “real struggles” of Americans.

Yeah… as if AOC is fit to lecture everyday Americans about “real struggles” as she attends ritzy events like the Met Gala to rub shoulders with billionaires.

While AOC may be a “media darling” with her extreme socialist policies – her latest comments prove just how out of touch she is with reality.

The truth is – no child deserves to lose their life because they are born into a family who is struggling.

Instead, moms who are struggling should be surrounded by people who can help them – whether it’s providing job-training – temporary food and clothes – or even helping watch their little one.

There are resources available for moms in need – and any politician who advocates killing a baby as the solution certainly shouldn’t have the public spotlight.

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