Media Is No Longer Trying To Hide Their Love For Socialism

There was once a time when the media at least attempted to be unbiased on the surface.

Innuendos and subliminal messages were seen riding the currents under the surface of major news stories from leftist media corporations, but you had to be witty to pick them up.

Increasingly over the last couple decades, what liberal outlets are willing to report is unapologetically biased, and largely against conservative views.

A new wave of politically forced bias has breached the public now with socialism hitting the headlines.

One news anchor held nothing back as she flaunted her extreme ideals, all while throwing working class America under the bus.

The Daily Wire reported:

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle this week mocked Americans who fear socialism while also claiming that Republicans have hijacked the word “patriot.”

Financial Times Editor Brendan Greeley, accompanied Ruhle on the charade, nonchalantly trying to convince viewers that the negative associations of “socialism” are not that bad.

As Greeley and Ruhle bantered back and forth, Ruhle openly showed her view on socialism, that being how it is not the scary structure we know it to be.

Ruhle was naively quoted saying in a mocking tone “But lots of people don’t get into the argument, they just go, ‘Oh my gosh, socialist, I can’t have that. It’s gonna take all my money,'”, according to The Daily Wire.

Americans fear socialism for a reason. It is an oppressing and damaging economic model that fails the government and the people for which it is supposed to support.

Russia, Venezuela, France, and North Korea are all prime examples of why socialism doesn’t work out the way that it theorizes; the citizens of the age-old experiment are the ones who take the brunt of the failure.

Pan Am Post reports on what happens when economies turn to socialism for answers:

Scarcity, inflation and unemployment are the direct consequences of this way of governing, and it leads to repression and dictatorship when citizens try to rise against it.”

And, referring back to Ruhle’s horrible quote against Americans, Republicans have done quite the opposite of high-jacking the word”patriot.”

If anything, the right is violently fighting to retain the dignity and respect intrinsic to that word, while the left grovels to take away the value of being a patriot and citizen of this country.

You may be thinking that talk of socialism is only that, a theoretical conversation. Unfortunately for the future of this great nation, there is a political voice that is successfully promoting socialism.

The Hill reported:

Democratic socialist congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday declared that there is nowhere in the U.S. “too red” for progressive candidates to flip.”

The young candidate has already had a victory in the primaries and has a following, many of which are Bernie Sanders’ fans, who make her chances in Congress a dismal reality.

Ocasio-Cortez’s statement was made during a Netroots Nation conference, an assembly aimed at pushing progressive ideologies.

Supporters are urged by the socialist to “go home, and recommit ourselves” to vote progressive candidates, according to The Hill.

Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez’s platform claims to be helping the working class. She believes this is done by taking away their pay and promising them socialized systems that no one has the money for.

The Democratic Socialist Agenda is the economic system she hopes to implement in America, which will cost trillions, and damage the entire foundation of this country.

Something is happening in this country. And we can embrace it. We can win on it.”, Ocasio-Cortez said.

There is something happening in this country, and the aspect of that change that allowed a socialist to win congressional primaries in America is not something we want to keep happening.

Ocasio-Cortez is only 28-years-old and was a bartender only a year before her recent victory.

It seems during her college education she may have missed a few courses in history, and let zealous daydreaming overtake her sensibilities.

It is not progressive to afflict a country with socialism, it is a gross oversight of past failures.

Hopefully, fans of the charismatic candidate will get their heads out of the sand, and use their vote for someone that cares about the prosperity of this country.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the rising popularity of socialism in America.






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