AOC Makes A Fool Of Herself Again At The Met Gala

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We are used to the left saying contradictory and illogical stances, especially during the pandemic, but one politician seems to do it habitually in the media.

This year’s Met Gala, packed with celebrities, models, designers, and the politically elite, gave the perfect platform to show the fallacies between one’s words and actions.

Flaunting a “Tax the Rich” gown, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sauntered into one of the fashion world’s most prestigious events- showing once again that her far-left ideas are just a show.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has put the proverbial foot into her mouth while making a grand statement with an elegant white gown that has “tax the rich” boldly printed on it in red.

The Met Gala costs around $30,000 just to get in and around $275,000 for a table, reports The Daily Wire.

The display caught the attention and dropped jaws everywhere, especially on social media where she was criticized for wearing a dress with such a statement when she herself is considered rich.

One Instagram user asked AOC:

“What do you say to people who argue that you’re also rich?”

The representative responded with a bizarre statement, ranting much like her infamous Instagram rant where she tried to relate herself to the impoverished because she hadn’t put her IKEA furniture together yet and was having popcorn and wine for dinner.

AOC states on twitter:

This is the trick people use all the time, right? They want you to think that when we talk about rich, we’re talking about a doctor or a lawyer instead of someone with hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars. That’s what we mean by ‘rich.’”

It is unclear who the “we” is in her response, but she is definitely not talking for, or to, the average American.

In this nation the average income is $31,133, according to the United States Census Bureau which is considerably less than the Democrats’ annual income of more than $170,000.

Then in a nonsensical turn of the conversation, AOC admits that many Democratic proposals and legislation increase taxes on people and businesses who make much less than “hundreds of billions of dollars” like she had just claimed she was talking about.

The self-incriminating monologue doesn’t stop there. The NY representative then claims that it was her “responsibility” to attend the super formal fashion.

If it is a politician’s duty to attend a ball most Americans would have to spend more than their annual salary to get into, then why do we not see many politicians among AOC at the event?

The criticism was obviously not handled well by AOC, who felt justified in her designer outfit choice and attendance, so she took to Twitter the following day.

She claims that the backlash must be because she gets comments on her boy all the time and that people are just “unsupportive and disdainful” of working class women in general.

However, former Fox News anchor and current podcast host Megyn Kelly was spot on when she took to Twitter calling AOC “a pathetic self-aggrandizing hypocrite”

In addition to the ridiculous dress choice at one of the most elite events in a multi-billion dollar industry, she also showed up without a mask on after going on Instagram telling her followers she will be wearing her mask despite being fully vaccinated!

It certainly won’t be the last time AOC makes an immature and illogical public decision, and it most definitely won’t be the last time she rants on social media.

However, hopefully the American people and more specifically those who elected her into office, realize that her socialist extremism ideals and inconsistent actions are not what this country needs right now…or ever.