Disgusting: Doctor Shows “Removed Tissue” To Moms After Abortion To Give Them “Relief” 

Photo by lunar caustic on Flickr.com


Coming to terms with what it means to kill your child in the womb is emotionally heavy and nearly unbearable.

So, in order to continue making a profit off of death, liberals have to minimize the act of abortion to make it more palatable to society.

The act alone is inhumane, but how one doctor twisted the narrative to promote the deceit surrounding the pro-choice movement is beyond repulsive.

Thankfully, abortion has been banned or at least severely restricted in 14 states, bringing light to the fact that the act is more than just a “healthcare procedure” as The Guardian put it.

The battle against the death of the unborn is raging, and after Roe v. Wade was overturned it finally seems morality has the upper hand.

Many conservative politicians have become more forward in their pro-life views, knowing there is more public backing for the cause than there once was.

Doug Mastriano, former Pennsylvania senator, is calling for murder charges for those who defy abortion bans, reports the Washington Post.

With conservatives being more aggressive in their fight for life, liberals have become more aggressive in the fight for death.

So much so that one doctor, Joan Fleischman showed off the gestational sac, with the baby inside, after an abortion to demonstrate how it’s not the life advocates try to convince you of.

Dr. Fleischman is part of the MYA Network, an organization attempting to make early abortions accessible in primary care settings.

With that considered, it is not surprising she contributed to a disgusting article in The Guardian where the extracted gestational sacs were put on display.

Fleischman tells The Guardian that some moms want to see the aborted baby afterwards and “are stunned by what it actually looks like.”

She goes on to say why she was motivated to minimize the egregious act she inflicts on mother and child:

That’s when I realized how much the imagery on the internet and on placards – showing human-like qualities at this early stage of development – has really permeated the culture. People almost don’t believe this is what comes out.”

The article begins by showing the extracted “tissue” of a four-week-old gestational sac and continues to show pictures up to nine weeks gestation.

The doctor of doom takes a jab at the “fetal heartbeat” bill that outlaws abortions at 6 weeks gestation by posting a picture of the small gestational sac.

What you see is a small, white fluffy sac a little over a centimeter, but what she doesn’t show you is the life forming inside the sac, a life that already has a heartbeat, arm and leg stubs, and the start of a head and brain.

Under the photo of a gestational sac at 7 weeks Fleischman tells The Guardian:

“I have been in the training field, and medical students and clinicians who see it are also shocked. That is how pervasive this misinformation is.”

She tells the heartbreaking story of patients coming in unsure and fearful to get an abortion because they’re expecting to see little hands and feet on a small baby – but instead are comforted when shown the picture of the gestational sac alone.

Sadly, the women would most likely not get the abortion if their baby – and not just the gestational sac – was shown at 7 weeks where they WOULD see tiny, precious hands and feet, and those big baby eyes that melts every mother’s heart.

The article ends with a photo of a 9-week-old gestational sac in an effort to give mothers a “peace” about killing their child in the womb.

The incredible life inside is taken for granted and discarded like trash by a woman who views a child in the womb as a mere science experiment in a Petri dish.

It is devastating to think of all the scared mothers who were soothed with manipulation that can only be compared to Satan himself in the Garden of Eden.

We must speak out against these falsehoods and show our ailing nation the truth behind the horrendous act of abortion.