Men Share Their Grief Over The Slaughter Of Their Babies Through Abortion

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Abortion is a brutal and traumatic act that ends the life of a beating heart and leaves emotional (and often physical scars) on women.

And while we often hear stories of women sharing their abortion regrets – we don’t usually hear men voice their thoughts.

But the truth is – fathers are equally impacted by abortion – and finally they are speaking out and here’s what they have to say.

So why have men been silent for so long?

Well to start, in the abortion debate – abortion is often portrayed as a “woman’s decision” – or something between a “woman and her doctor.”

CareNet did a study of men whose “partner” had an abortion – and 67 percent of them claimed it was 100 percent the mother’s decision.

And while men may say that, or remain ambivalent and not get involved either way, the truth is many testimonies show abortion has also wreaked havoc on men.

Live Action runs a site called “Can’t Stay Silent” where people share abortion regret stories.

One man named Kevin admits he’s always been pro-life – but fell in love with a pro-choice feminist and got married.

And when his wife got pregnant, she decided she wanted to advance her career – and didn’t want the baby.

She lied to Kevin claiming she had a miscarriage, but then found out later she had gotten an abortion behind his back.

The abortion of his precious child and the deceitfulness of his wife devastated him – and he shared his heartbroken testimony.

Live Action reported:

“Kevin, for example, never wanted to abort his child. “I was first married at age 23, my wife was 21 and we agreed we wanted children ‘someday,’” he said. “I’ve always been pro-life and she was a pro-choice feminist. I knew we were ‘unequally yoked,’ but we were young and in love.”

He continued:

After 6 years, she became pregnant and I was overjoyed. She, however, wanted to wait longer to get further in her career. We couldn’t agree on what to do. Then a short time later while I was dropping her off at work, she started complaining about abdominal pain but [she] went to her office anyhow.

That evening when [we] were home she told me that she had miscarried and went with a girlfriend to a local clinic. I was heartbroken.

A few weeks later a friend told me his wife confided that [my wife] actually had an abortion. I couldn’t believe she would do that or it could even be done legally without a husband’s agreement.

His wife’s secret decision had severe repercussions: “We tried to work things out and move past it but eventually got divorced,” Kevin said. “I went through years of deep depression, lost my home and job.”

Kevin’s story is sad, but it’s common.

There are many men who may not speak out – whether because they think they can’t – or they are ashamed – but they too are struggling with post-abortion grief.

And now that Biden is determined to make it even easier for women to get abortions – all a woman has to do is have a virtual “telemedicine” call and pop an abortion pill – and the life of her baby is over.

One thing remains consistent – abortion is the slaughter of innocent life.

An unborn baby shouldn’t be viewed as an “inconvenience” or “hinderance” to one’s career.

Babies were created in the image of God and deserve the right to be born.

Let’s hope all of those who have suffered from the trauma of abortion – whether woman or man – get the healing they need.

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