When This Woman Tried To Stop Her Own Abortion, You Won’t Believe What They Did To Her

Catherine’s story starts out like so many other young women.

A scared young girl, pregnant, with nowhere to turn. Thinking abortion was her only option, she decided to pursue that route.

But after she got to the abortion clinic, she had a change of heart. But when she tried to get up and walk away, you won’t believe what happened next.

See, you would think a doctor would rejoice at the fact a woman had a change of heart, and decided to choose life.

But not this doctor.

When this woman tried to get up and leave, and told her she no longer wanted an abortion, 4 people, including nurses and the doctor held her arms down, and forced her to have an abortion.

Despite her screams and protests, they wouldn’t stop.

Live Action News reported:

“Catherine says she visited the second least expensive abortion facility she could find, and then, when she got there, she changed her mind and tried to leave.

 “I asked to get up. I said ‘please let me up. Let me off this table, out of this room. I don’t want this anymore.’” she told CBN. “I said, ‘… Just let me go. You can keep the money.’ And they shouted for more people and I had four people holding me down.

 One – a nurse – and a staff member on each arm. The doctor aborted my child. I’m screaming….”

 Catherine experienced violence visited upon her own body, and her baby, as do all babies who are aborted, experienced violence and death”

This chilling tale shows the true nature behind the abortion industry.

They aren’t pro-woman. They don’t value and respect a woman’s choice. They are only interested in providing as many abortions as they can.

But it gets worse.

Catherine actually had an ultrasound done, and asked to see it.

Again, they refused.

But now, Catherine spends her life fighting for unborn babies.

However, her forced abortion did not come without a price. She admitted it took her years to heal from the trauma.

The Christian Perspective continued:

It was not pro-woman, it was not pro-me. They didn’t care about me, they didn’t respect my opinion. They were just in-‘n-out. They wanted me gone and they wanted my baby gone.”

 Today, Foster still can feel the grief and guilt of that day so many years ago.

 “In the end,” she said, “I was left alone in the recovery room, wishing that I could turn back time and just go an hour, a week, a month back in time and re-do everything.”

 Some abortion advocates insist women should feel no different aborting their baby than getting a tooth pulled. Don’t try to tell that to Catherine Glenn Foster.

 “It took me a long time to recover…physically, and then mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It was devastating,” she stated.”

This story is disheartening, and terrifying, but it reveals what pro-lifers knew all along.

Abortion is a violent act, which harms both the mother and the baby.

On Friday, January 19th, thousands of pro-lifers will gather in the nation’s capital and all around the country to take a stand for life.

If you can, we encourage you to participate.

Do you think the doctors should be punished for providing an abortion against Catherine’s will?

Will you be taking place at the March For Life in D.C. or your home state this year?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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