Friends Pressure Teen To Get An Abortion – And Afterwards She Attempted Suicide 

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When college freshman Deanna* (name changed) found out she was pregnant she was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Having grown up in a conservative Christian home, she didn’t want to tell her mother about her pregnancy – so she turned to her “friends” instead.

But as it turns out – her “friends” led her down the wrong path – causing Deanna to try and take her own life. 

Deanna described her upbringing as strict, and was eager to rebel once she could.

She lived the party life of drinking and sleeping around. 

And when she found out she was pregnant, the baby’s father wanted nothing to do with the baby and told her to get an abortion.

Her “friends” stepped in to give their own advice.

But instead of standing by her and reassuring her they’d help her through this pregnancy – they installed a crippling fear into her.

Live Action reported:

“They painted a picture of me being on welfare, struggling to land a job that paid well, convincing me I’d be setting myself up for failure,” she said…

“I saw no other way out of my situation. So, I scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood and was given the abortion pill,” she told Live Action News. “After taking it, I experienced heavy bleeding for 10 days. I went back only once for a follow up visit to confirm I was no longer pregnant.”

Absolutely tragic.

If Deanna would have had support, she may have made a different choice.

And OF COURSE, Planned Parenthood was more than eager to help this young teen kill her baby.

Abortion advocates try and glamorize abortion – even calling it the new self-care.”

Stars use their power to convince young girls that it’s empowering to “choose” to end the life of one’s baby.

Of course, no one talks about the botched abortions and battered bodies…

… or the emotional wounds and trauma that stay with women – sometimes for a lifetime.

And for Deanna, as it turns out facing the reality of what she did was simply too much – and she became overcome with shame and despair.

After experiencing more trauma in her life – Deanna became so overwhelmed with everything happening she wanted to die.

But she didn’t just think about it … she actually tried to kill herself.

Live Action continued:

“The pain of my abortion bubbled to the surface, and I couldn’t stop the waves of grief that washed over me, finally facing the loss of my child. I just couldn’t handle the intensity of all the emotions I was feeling so I tried to overdose, but my friend called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital in time to have my stomach pumped.”

Thankfully her life was spared, and she began to get healing from her past abortion, and developed a personal relationship with Jesus.

A mother killing her baby is completely unnatural, which is why many women continue to feel grief after getting an abortion until they find healing. 

Don’t ever let anyone claim that abortion is “empowering.”

It’s devastating to women, and while Deanna was one of the ones who made it out alive, not everyone does.

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