Planned Parenthood Volunteer Admits They “Sexualize” Children To Promote Abortions 

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Families are under attack in the United States by a depraved and selfish liberal agenda!

As much as we try to protect our children, there is an entire system at work to set them up for a pro-death, anti-family mindset.

And much of it is beginning as soon as they enter school, methodically designed by an organization that’s brought nothing but destruction and death since its conception. Now someone from the inside is finally admitting it!

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

A former Planned Parenthood volunteer revealed in a recent interview that the organization “sexualizes” children and that its public school programs also indirectly promote abortion among children.”

Planned Parenthood has made the spotlight once again after getting rejected by the Iowa Supreme Court in a ruling that blocks them from getting involved in sex education programs for schoolchildren.

The lawmakers working tirelessly to protect Iowa’s families made the valid point that should the abortion giant participate in sexual education programs, naturally they would promote what’s in the best interest of Planned Parenthood – abortions.

Thankfully, public schools have drawn the line (for now) and Planned Parenthood is barred from discussing abortions in the classroom, according to Christian Post.

But that doesn’t stop them from impressing their agenda on children.

Monica Cline, a former volunteer educator for Planned Parenthood, revealed in an interview with EWTN that the programs are “about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion.”

Cline continued:

“I went ahead and looked into the programs they were implementing in Iowa. I was looking at the research findings and all of them were shown that they had very little positive results or no effects or even at times adverse effects, due to these types of interventions on the children.”

It is not surprising, yet still heartbreaking, that Planned Parenthood would continue a program they know is leading innocent babies to the gallows and consider it a success because it increases their bottom line.

Of course, the organization does not teach “abstinence at all,” explains Cline, but instead aims to “teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active.”

This is part of the reason many parents are against their children participating in sex education.

Young minds who rightfully know nothing about sex and sexuality are being shown and taught things far beyond their developmental understanding.

Cline later states irately:

These programs are about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion. That is what sex education is.”

Our children are being groomed by organizations and groups that hope to destroy the traditional family model and obliterate conservative views.

There are those who are fighting back against the giants spearheading the influence of sexuality in American society, but not as many as are working against it.

Education of appropriate relationships must begin in the home, as well as protection from the many negative influences on our children’s heart, mind, and soul.

The fight is daily, but not without reward as we raise the next generation of conservative thinkers who value faith, family, and freedom.