It Was Bound To Happen – Merriam-Webster Officially Redefines The Word Female 

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Every human being is born either male or female, and defining the word female never used to be controversial – until now.

LGBT activists have become utterly obsessed with claiming a male can be a female if he “identifies” as one – regardless of his biological sex.

And now, Merriam Webster’s online dictionary has jumped on the “transgender” bandwagon and officially changed the definition of female – and just wait until you hear what they added.

Merriam Webster has added a secondary definition under female which states a female is “having a gender identity that is opposite of male.”

Of course – the key phrase here is “gender identity” – and assumes that a male can simply “decide” he’s a female because that’s what he “identifies” with.

But they took things even further – and even edited the primary definition of female which used to state “of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs” and changed it to “of, relating to, or being the sex that TYPICALLY HAS THE CAPACITY to bear young or produces eggs.”

The National Review reported:

“The change in the online edition to include the phrase, “typically has the capacity” shows Merriam-Webster’s attempt to include trans-identifying males in the definition of female. 

While this phrase may refer to women who cannot bear children due to infertility, given their nod to “gender identity” in defining the word “female,” it is most likely another way to appease the trans community.”

Yet all across the country – this new definition has been adopted by the radical left – and seen as the new normal.

You may remember during the Supreme Court nominations – D.C. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson couldn’t even define the word woman!

She claimed since she “wasn’t a biologist” she was ill-equipped to define the term.

Absolute madness.

But this is what the left does.

They hijack language and communication to set the narrative and demand the rest of the world adopt to their terminology.

New Jersey mandates kids be taught their biological sex can differ from their “gender identity.”

Kellogg’s had an pro-LGBT cereal box activity for kids where they were told to “choose their own gender.”

Some liberals even got mad at moms for hosting gender reveal parties – claiming “biological gender” doesn’t really exist. 

And these days, no longer do leftists claim there are simply two genders… they think there are hundreds!

Students are going back to school and being asked to “choose their gender.”

Books are being forced upon them that make the LGBT lifestyle seem like something normal, and common.  

But instead of holding the line of sanity, it seems Merriam-Webster has too jumped on the LGBT bandwagon – and went so far as to redefine what it means to be a woman. 

The madness continues, and with Biden leading the charge, things are only going to get worse.

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