Biden’s Wacky Supreme Court Nominee Can’t Define The Word ‘Woman’

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When Senators asked D.C. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to define what a woman was – you won’t believe what she said.

Instead of simply defining the difference between a male and a female – Jackson claimed she couldn’t because she wasn’t a “biologist.”

And once you hear the extent of her bizarre statement – you’re bound to realize what a disaster it would be for America should she become the next Supreme Court Justice.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a rabid pro-abort – who isn’t afraid to rule based on her personal beliefs.

Mommy Underground previously reported on what a tragedy it would be for pro-lifers should she make it to the Supreme Court – and her latest comment on gender further proves our point.

While even a child understands the difference between a boy and a girl – Judge Jackson can’t seem to make the distinction.

In fact, when Senator Marsha Blackburn asked her a simple question – her answer further proved her allegiance to LGBT activists.

Fox News reported:

“Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., brought up transgender issues in her questioning and asked Jackson, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’” 

“Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t,” the judge responded before further explaining, “Not in this context, I’m not a biologist.”

Absolute madness!

It doesn’t take a heart surgeon to define what a heart is, or a brain surgeon to define what a brain is…

… but since Jackson isn’t a “biologist” she somehow can’t define what a woman means.

Ridiculous, and frightening.

With transgender madness sweeping the nation, there is bound to be scores of cases coming before the Supreme Court related to gender.

Having a Supreme Court Justice who won’t even acknowledge the difference between a male and female is a horrific thought.

But it’s interesting – conservatives have long said that gender IS as simple as biology – and that a person is born either male or female.

Liberals are the ones who seem to think gender is somehow “fluid” and that people can just choose whatever gender they feel like for the day.

But Jackson brought it back to biology and proved what conservatives have been speculating all along – liberals KNOW that a person is born as either a man or woman – they just don’t want to accept it.

Now that the truth has been revealed for the world to see regarding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s warped view on her reason for not being able to define the word woman – her true agenda is exposed.

There are countless reasons why Jackson would make a horrific Supreme Court Justice – from her pro-abort views, to her denial of true biology, and even her past rulings on protecting sex offenders

Let’s hope even more evidence will continue to prevail in the upcoming days so America won’t be forced to suffer through having another activist judge serve on the highest court in our nation. 

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