Transgender Wins Girls’ Wrestling Championship On Male Hormone Treatments

Gender is becoming such a relative word in today’s society. It, at one point, hung to an absolute that gave virtually no room for error.

With the instability of the family unit, came uncertainty, fear, and misdirected goals. The focus was no longer the congruency of generational survival, but the selfish desires of lustful indulgences.

The LGBT community that has formed from these indiscretions has evolved into a force that won’t be satisfied until all persons and institutions bend to their outrageous demands.

Unfortunately, with the media and the liberal wolves ready to devour anyone who holds an opinion different from them, most people are forced to oblige.

In Texas, the sport of girls wrestling has reached a point of crisis as a transgender boy takes drugs that should be illegal in the sport, and is winning because of it.

Activist Mommy reported on the matter:

Mack” Beggs, the girl-who-thinks-she’s-a-boy who has been allowed to take testosterone treatment and yet continue to compete in girl’s wrestling in the state of Texas has won a state championship.

Something that would absolutely be illegal for the other girls in the wrestling league to do is totally OK for Beggs, because she thinks she’s a boy and the adults in her life have convinced her she’s completely entitled to take testosterone treatment to continue to deceive herself that she can in fact one day be a real boy, which she never will be.”

Beggs has to compete in the girls’ wrestling league because in the great state of Texas students must compete in the division of their biological gender.

However, it does not say anything about them being allowed to take hormone drugs. How does she get away with it you wonder?

Taking testosterone has been deemed a “medically necessary part of his transition-related health care”, according to The Daily Beast.

Since when has someone dropped physically ill from wishing they were a boy? This is pure mental instability.

If Beggs wishes to make the choice to take testosterone to feel more manly, then that choice should come with the consequence of not being allowed to participate in girls’ sports.

This is not saying that she is unable, only that there needs to be guidelines that are followed to be a fair contender, just like the rest of the population.

Activist Mommy echoed this same sentiment:

If Beggs really wants to be treated like a boy, she shouldn’t be given any special treatment, and she should simply not be allowed to compete until she makes peace with the fact that she is a girl and if she is so convinced that testosterone treatment will improve her quality of life, she can just not wrestle other girls. It’s that simple.”

The high school Beggs wrestles for, Euless Trinity High School, won the state championship for two years running now.

Last year, two girls forfeited in the regional tournament, fearing “injury”, according to the New York Post. Beggs current championship title was taken with one female wrestler refusing to enter the match.

The 18-year-old hormone powerhouse has a perfect record at 32-0. The opponents, who had to abide by the rules of staying drug-free because they were fine being female, didn’t stand a chance.

The crowd at this year’s final win by Beggs showed that the general population of girls’ sporting in Texas doesn’t see eye to eye with the “medically necessary” decision.

The Daily Wire reported:

As with last year’s win, this year’s win caused a swirl of controversy. Beggs received a mixed reaction of cheers and boos when the referee raised her arm to signify her win in the 110-pound weight class championship match.”

There have been those who have been fighting back against this injustice. Attorney Jim Baudhuin is the father of one of the girls forced to wrestle Beggs while going through testosterone therapy.

Baudhuin filed a lawsuit, according to the Washington Times, against Beggs, claiming it’s not fair to permit only certain athletes to “use performance-enhancing drugs.”

The insightful attorney made a particularly valid point that fell on deaf ears. The Washington Times reported on his comparison:

 “Mack shouldn’t have been wrestling against the girls any more than the East German women shouldn’t have been showing up at competitions with chest hair and deep voices,” Mr. Baudhuin said. “It’s doping. If you’re one of the other athletes, you don’t care why she’s taking it. The physiological effects on the body aren’t any different whether you’re taking it to transition or taking it to dope.”

It is wrong to allow the transgender community to infiltrate the ethics of sports. If you are going to play against girls, you need to embrace that you are a girl, or you need to find a new hobby.

The medical community has manipulated the healthcare system to make appalling statements regarding what is truly matters of life and death.

Deeming something medically-necessary used to mean something. Now, its tossed around like an old hand rag to whoever can foot the bill.

There should be legislation in place that is less worried about backlash from the LGBT community, and more concerned with the well-being of American citizens.

Please let us know what you think of transgender participation in sports, and what a good solution would be to situations like Beggs from happening again in Texas.