Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Protects Child Sexual Predators

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is Biden’s choice for the Supreme Court – but recent events have uncovered a shocking series of events.

From standing against pro-lifers – from skirting Senate questions to define what a woman is – one couldn’t imagine how much worse she could be. 

But when Senators discovered Jackson sided with child sexual predators and went lenient on them – a new wave of concern emerged showing just how dangerous she is.

You know a judge is bad news when convicted sexual predators are actually thanking the judge for taking it easy on them. 

When a man was caught with child pornography, instead of issuing the typical 8-10 months penalty she sentenced him to only 3 months. 

The predator admitted he wasn’t “very happy” at first that he was sentenced at all…

… but once he learned those with similar convictions got longer time, he realized she was lenient with him and he began to appreciate that she didn’t “hold him back.” 

The Western Journal reported:

“I feel that she chose to take into consideration the fact that I was just getting started [in life] and she knew this was going to hold me back for years to come regardless … so she didn’t really want to add on to that.”

But it’s not just lenient sentences to sexual predators that raises a red flag.

Sadly, there’s much more. 

Jackson even raised the question about whether it’s necessary to notify parents if a sexual predator is in the area… even questioning if sex offender registries are constitutional.

Senator Josh Hawley expressed outrage at the sheer possibility of Jackson being the next Supreme Court Justice, drawing awareness to her harmful record. 

Fox News reported:

“If you look at her record, what you see is this is someone who has consistently let sex predators, child sex predators off the hook. For people who have been convicted of child porn offenses, she’s consistently given the lenient sentences slaps on the wrist,” he said.

“This is someone who has raised the question whether sex offender registries are unconstitutional, whether notifying parents when there’s a sex offender in the area is unconstitutional, she suggested all of that. I mean, this is very troubling … If you look at what she’s done as a judge on the bench when she had the chance to put away child predators over and over again.”

Her distaste for pro-lifers coupled with her desire to ignore basic biological gender because she “isn’t a biologist” should terrify every conservative. 

But if liberals are willing to overlook the fact that she sides with sexual predators – this should tell you everything you need to know about the left and their true agenda. 

They pretend to “care about women” or “seek justice” – but only when it applies to their agenda.

Anyone getting in the way of promoting a radical LGBT and perverse agenda is silenced – and is even a sacrificial lamb for their latest cause. 

And yet again, by nominating Jackson they’ve proven their political agenda trumps everything – even if it jeopardizes the safety of others. 

But if Biden has his way – this radical activist judge will sit on the Supreme Court and issue rulings impacting generations to come. 

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