8th Grade Boys Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Not Referring To Peer As “They/Them”

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Schools have become one of the most dangerous places in all of America for a child.

“Transgender” bathrooms and locker rooms have led to sexual assault – and many teens suffer from gender dysphoria – encouraged by adults they’ve grown to trust.

But in the latest incident – 8th grade boys were accused of sexual harassment because they refused to bow down to the LGBT agenda – and just wait until you hear the details.

Being accused of sexual harassment is a serious thing and not something that should be thrown around lightly.

So, when 8th grade boys were accused by the school of sexual harassment – an investigation followed.

As it turns out, a student who “identifies” as “they/them” began screaming and cursing at one of the boys to use her “preferred pronoun” when addressing her.

When the boy refused to call his peer “they/them” – his friend backed him up claiming he didn’t have to use “they/them.”

And simply for refusing to use “they/them” – the boys were charged with sexual harassment.

The school actually opened up a formal Title IX complaint for “mispronouning” a student.


The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property reported:

“The school district sent a subsequent letter to the parents, revealing that the “sexual harassment” consisted of the eighth-graders not referring to a female student with her “preferred pronouns” of “they/them.”

Rosemary Rabidoux, the mother of one of the accused boys—13-year-old Braden—told the media in April that the “sexually harassed” student “had been screaming at one of Braden’s friends to use proper pronouns, calling him profanity, and this friend is very soft-spoken and kind of just sunk down into his chair.”

According to Mrs. Rabidoux, “Braden finally came up, defending him, saying ‘he doesn’t have to use proper pronouns; it’s his constitutional right to not use [them]; you can’t make him say things.’”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty defended the boys – and after warning the school district they didn’t have a case and telling them to immediately dismiss it – after several letters the school finally responded that they considered the case now “closed”.

Thankfully nothing happened to the boys since they had legal representation – but had they not this could have taken a dark turn.

Schools are more worried about protecting the needs of “LGBT” students and they continue to harass any student who doesn’t bow down to their agenda.

Teachers come in with their own agenda – and push it onto their children – even preschoolers.

So many students simply give in and accept what their teachers tell them – but cheers to these boys for not caving in and calling their female classmate “they/them”!

Students should be able to go to school and learn without facing charges of sexual harassment simply because they refuse to accept their peer’s gender dysphoria.

And maybe instead of looking for problems when there are none – adults should start protecting the children who are ACTUALLY getting sexually assaulted at school.

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