Preschool Teacher Uses Pro-LGBT Flashcards With ‘Pregnant’ Man To Teach Colors To Kids

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A preschool teacher decided to use flashcards to teach her little ones the different colors of the rainbow. 

Sounds innocent enough, but these weren’t typical flashcards.

In fact, not only were they LGBT-themed, but they even included bizarre graphics like a ‘pregnant’ man – and just wait until you hear the details.

One would expect something like this out of liberal bastions like New York and California.

But instead, it took place in a Wake County preschool in North Carolina.

The flashcard set used was called “Progress Pride Flag Rainbow Families” – and used colors to teach preschoolers about the LGBT flag. 

Creators of the cards claim they celebrate diverse families of all “sexualities” and “genders”.

When a concerned parent emailed North Carolina Republican State Rep. Erin Paré a photo of the cards – Paré quickly acted to notify the school principal.

As it turns out, the principal had no idea the cards were being used in the school. 

But after investigating the incident, the principal located the flashcards, and confirmed they had been used, and proceeded to escalate the incident to the district superintendent.

Thankfully, Wake County Public Schools didn’t condone the flashcards – and agreed they were inappropriate and had them removed. 

WRAL reported:

“A spokesperson from Wake County released the statement, “An initial review determined that flash cards were not tied to the district’s Pre-K curriculum, did not complement, enrich, or extend the curriculum and were used without the principal’s review, knowledge, and/or approval.”

After facing a backlash of controversy, the North Carolina pre-school teacher has since resigned.

Of course – these poor preschoolers will now have to deal with the confusion of seeing a ‘pregnant’ man – and who knows what else. 

The coordinated attack on our little ones is absolutely sickening.

LGBT activists continue to push the envelope and target children younger and younger – not caring they are doing irreparable damage.

Teachers are determined to use their entrusted position of influence to push a leftist political agenda onto children – and it’s happening all throughout schools across the nation. 

In fact, kids are being traumatized at school – coming home to their parents not understanding how they could suddenly “choose their gender” …

… or even fearful that somehow their gender could change overnight. 

Thankfully North Carolina wouldn’t tolerate the LGBT-themed flashcards – but a lot of public schools around the country would.

Cheers to the parents in North Carolina who promptly notified their local elected officials to put a stop to the madness being pushed onto their children.

If all parents around the country did the same – maybe some of the leftist indoctrination could finally end. 

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