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Sanitation Workers Hailed As Heroes After Rescuing Kidnapped Girl

  Kids love trash day! Not only do the beloved sanitation workers help us to keep our homes and communities tidy, but they also bring an ear-to-ear smile on eager young girls and boys who can’t wait to see the big trucks lift the can into the air and give […]

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Maximize Productivity When Working From Home With These Uncovered Methods 

  Have you ever stared at a blinking vertical line waiting for words to magically flow from your fingertips? Working from home is not as glamorous as it sounds at times, especially if you must juggle your duties as a mother and your responsibilities as an employee. While many working […]

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The History Of Valentine’s Day – From The Saint To Candy Hearts

  Red and pink cover the aisles at every local store in preparation for one of the biggest days of the year for retailers. That’s right, it’s time to take your little Romeo shopping for those heart shaped chocolates to give his Valentine crush. But how exactly have we come […]

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Moms – Make Sure Your Teen Daughters Aren’t Partaking In This Dangerous TikTok Challenge

  The latest TikTok challenge is all the rage – but many women don’t know how dangerous it actually is. The challenge instructs women to take racy photos of themselves and use a red filter background to create a “silhouette” look in a dimly lit doorway, promising to create an […]

This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

This Man With Down Syndrome Just Shattered All Stereotypes

When a woman learns she is carrying a baby with Down syndrome – doctors often tell them to prepare for the worst. Instead of giving them hope – doctors essentially tell moms “not to expect much” – and place doubt that their child will ever amount to anything. But one […]

Discover The Magical Amount Of Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Discover The Magical Amount Of Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

Sitting around all day is not just for the lazy- it is sometimes unavoidable. We know an active lifestyle wards off diseases, hypertension, obesity, and many more conditions, but what do you do when you have a desk job? Thankfully, we are not condemned to a life of misery! Research […]

3 Ways To Shake Up The Holidays – Because We Need Something Fun To Look Forward To This Year

3 Ways To Shake Up The Holidays – Because We Need Something Fun To Look Forward To This Year

This year has been anything but normal. While the kids still eat, sleep, play, poop, and cuddle (not particularly in that order), their social life has been grossly affected by the pandemic. So, this holiday season you will want to make it extra special for your little ones, so they […]

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What’s Old Is New Again:  Special Traditions Are Making a Comeback This Season And In the Year to Come

  Today’s parents have a lot of balancing to do in order to keep their families safe, happy, and physically and emotionally healthy. And this year, many of us have faced additional challenges that have made it difficult to do anything but get through each day – and however we’ve […]

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TV Show Drama Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome Fueling Hatred Of Babies With Special Needs

  Producers know they have the attention of millions around the world when they craft a storyline for their latest TV show. Sadly, many use the fame to further promote a pro-abort agenda as if abortion is something which should be “normalized.” The latest attack on life came when the […]

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Maskless Politicians Party On While Attempting To Cancel Holiday Traditions For American Families

  Politicians around the country have demanded Americans cancel their holiday plans. Others have “allowed” families to gather but not without threatening fines if they refuse to follow ridiculous guidelines like wearing masks in a public park and withholding singing. But the same politicians who thrust out their demands to […]