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A New Year Means A New And Improved Mom With These Goals

  The last year has been a political and economic roller coaster – making it a trying year for parents. While we may have occasionally buckled under the pressure and told our kids to brush their teeth a little too loud or spent a little too much time keeping up with […]

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Blast The Winter Blues Away With Treatment You Can Get For A Bargain

  As you prepare breakfast it seems as if the sun barely rose and after a long day under a gray sky, you feel as if it’s painful to crack a smile during the bedtime reading. The seasonal changes during fall and into winter mean shorter days, chillier weather, a […]

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Tennessee Seeks To Ban “Transgender” Treatment For Minors

  As LGBT activists all across the country continue to exploit children hoping to convince them to “change genders” – it seems as if our leaders have lost their minds. From California Governor Gavin Newsom creating a “sanctuary state” for “transgender” youth to the President of the United States advocating […]

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Biden Supports Socialist Country’s Oil Production But Not Our Own

  Inflation is on the rise and it’s impacting every aspect of our daily life – from the food we eat to the all the playdates we can’t attend because of gas prices. The left says the answer is to take more money from American citizens so the government can […]

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Men Share Their Grief Over The Slaughter Of Their Babies Through Abortion

  Abortion is a brutal and traumatic act that ends the life of a beating heart and leaves emotional (and often physical scars) on women. And while we often hear stories of women sharing their abortion regrets – we don’t usually hear men voice their thoughts. But the truth is […]

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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Says Stop Buying So Much Stuff And Prepare For The Worst

  It is no secret the financial state of the US is in turmoil thanks to Biden and his administration. The direct impact on the consumer is obvious every time we go to the grocery store and see that a loaf of bread has gone up in price. As concerned […]

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Unmarked Vans Sell Abortion Pills For $350 On The Colorado Border

  Pro-aborts are determined to increase abortions – and they’ve resorted to making it easy and “painless” for women to kill their babies. In their latest stunt – abortion advocates have attacked pro-life states for passing life-saving legislation – threatening to “help” women from these states still get abortions. And […]

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Whoopi Is Done With Twitter And We Are Hoping Her Friends Follow

  The biggest news in social media since Zuckerberg admitted to a lack of privacy on Facebook is Elon Musk buying Twitter. A lot of executive changes have been made to the social media giant, with many more promised down the line. These changes haven’t favored the liberal agenda so […]

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“Transgender” Sexual Predators Find Loophole To Get Jobs Working With Children

  LGBT activists are determined to “protect their own” – even if it means endangering the life of a child. While background checks are standard when it comes to working with children, a loophole has proven to give cover to sexual predators who now identify as “transgender.” And once you […]

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HORRIFIC – NPR Plays Live Abortion Over The Airwaves Comparing It To “Giving Birth”

  Hoping to influence the elections and elect pro-aborts to office – NPR aired one of the most pro-abortion pieces we’ve ever seen. Not only did they interview women who were getting abortions – but they actually aired the abortion LIVE – complete with the vacuum sounds of a baby […]