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Another Rape Survivor Chooses Life

  Many people assume if a woman becomes pregnant by rape, she will automatically choose to abort her baby. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are countless women who suffered through the violence of rape, yet bravely decided to carry their babies – and just wait until […]

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Virginia Democrats Think Everyone Who Wants Schools To Re-Open Are KKK Members 

  The left is notorious for demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them, using grade-school tactics instead of mature diplomacy. Well, at least this time they brought the fight to the playground. Virginia Dems say a piece of paper they found proves all parents who want their children back in […]

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Pregnant And Competing In Olympic Trials While The Rest Of Us Struggle Up The Stairs

  The human body is capable of extraordinary things, but none quite as amazing as the miracle of birth. Although beautiful, carrying a child is a marathon in its own rite, however some women defy all expectations and go above and beyond their physical bounds. Surprising us all, Olympic trials […]

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Every Conservative Needs These 4 Books On Their Summer Reading List

  Lazy summer days lounging by the pool with a good book is the ultimate pastime – but often not a reality for mothers. Poolside antics usually consist of convincing your toddler to wear their “floaties,” passing out snacks continuously, and wading around the pool with a flock of children […]

Yeah Good Luck With That – NYC Pride Seeks To Ban Police From All Events Until 2025

Yeah Good Luck With That – NYC Pride Seeks To Ban Police From All Events Until 2025

  As “Pride Month” officially kicks off, LGBT activists all around the country are hosting parades and celebrations showcasing their ever-growing culture. Except this year in New York City, parade organizers decided police officers are too “harmful” to the LGBT community – and have issued a ban on their presence. […]

Scary! 11-Year-Old Fights Off Knife-Wielding Man At The Bus Stop

Scary! 11-Year-Old Fights Off Knife-Wielding Man At The Bus Stop

    11-year-old Alyssa was playing with her blue slime waiting for her school bus to come – when the unthinkable happened. A man pulled up next to her and stopped his car – and then proceeded to run towards her… with a knife! Local authorities report his attempt was […]

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Cinderella Remake Teaches “Magic Has No Gender”- What Does That Mean?

  The left will not rest until their perverse agenda has reached the hearts and minds of every innocent child. Family movies used to be a safe haven from the worldly immorality infiltrating modern society – but not anymore! Even the new remake of the Disney classic Cinderella is turning […]

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One Hearing Could Overturn Roe v. Wade For Much Of The South

  The Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling in 1973 marked a dismal day for mothers, families, and unborn children across the United States. With abortion quickly becoming a common practice, pro-life activists began the tireless journey to save the countless lives being senselessly taken. All the hard is work […]

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New York Mayor Approves Massive Funding For Police After Crime Spike

In yet another illogical move, radical activists are demanding government officials diminish funds for their local and state police departments. Some citizens have even called for their local police departments to be eradicated completely. But what happens when the police presence has been reduced and departments financially stifled? One city […]

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Activists Praise Record Number Of Deaths By Assisted-Suicide In The Netherlands

  The moral depravity of the world has been evident in the tragic loss of innocent lives under the guile name of “pro-choice.” And in recent years, liberals have begun pushing their anti-life agenda on the disabled, mentally ill, and physically ill. In the Netherlands, the wretched mindset of taking […]