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California Bill Allows The State To Take Custody Of Kids Whose Parents Oppose Their “Gender Transition”

Imagine your minor child coming up to you and telling you they want to “change genders” – and when you say no – you find out you’ll lose your child. What sounds like a bizarre nightmare could become a possibility in California if liberal politicians get their way. And once […]

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Parents Infuriated After Crayola Jumps On The LGBT Bandwagons

As children prepare to go back to school – stores and manufacturers continue to advertise the latest sales and promotions. Most families have several Crayola products in their school supply arsenal – and so this year Crayola decided to use their influence to promote the unthinkable. And once you hear […]

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Women Traumatized As Creepy Peeping Tom Falls Out Of Women’s Locker Room Ceiling

  Imagine working out at the gym and going to the locker room to change… … only to have a grown man fall out of the ceiling. This is exactly what happened to two women at Onelife Fitness – and just wait until you hear the horrifying details. Brian Anthony […]

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Other Liberal Democrats Arrested During Abortion Protests

  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her fellow liberal cohorts were arrested for obstructing and blocking traffic in Washington DC. Hoping to ignite her base to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade – AOC and 16 of her Congressional colleagues ended up being arrested outside of the […]

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Hospital Ignores Wishes Of Parents To Keep Their Child On Life Support

  One family found themselves in a heartbreaking situation as they worked to save the life of their little 12-year-old boy – only to have the hospital work against them. 12-year-old Archie Battersbee suffered a severe brain injury, and doctors concluded he was “likely dead” after the results of an […]

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New York City Spends Over $200k In Taxpayer Dollars To Bring “Drag Queens” Into Schools

  Imagine finding out politicians were scheming to bring “drag queens” into your child’s school… … and then learning your tax dollars were paying for it. This is exactly what happened in New York City – and just wait until you hear the outrageous details. The left’s obsession with pushing […]

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Taco Bell’s “Drag Queen” Brunch Tour Is Enough To Make Your Stomach Churn 

    Before “pride month” even started – Taco Bell was ahead of the game and launched an insane “drag queen” multi-city tour to tout their LGBT credentials. Boasting adults can enjoy breakfast and a “drag queen” show – Taco Bell has shown just how far gone they really are.  […]

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Unspeakable Horror – The Uvalde Massacre Through The Eyes Of The Children Trapped Inside 

  One can’t even imagine the utter and total fear these precious children felt as they heard hundreds of rounds of ammunition fire off around them. Seeing their beloved classmates and teachers lose their lives by a deranged lunatic is something no person – especially a child – should ever […]

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Disgusting – Chicago Mayor Creates $500K Fund So Women Can Kill Their Babies

The city of Chicago is the latest to jump on the pro-abort bandwagon – but they’ve taken things to a whole other level. Not only has Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot come out publicly supporting abortion – but she’s even helping with funding the process. In fact – the city has […]

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Local School Board Forced Teachers To Display LGBT Flag In The Classroom 

  A national LGBT group donated a bunch of rainbow flags to a school district demanding teachers display them – and you won’t believe the response.   Imagine being a teacher and being forced to promote a rainbow flag in your classroom and support something you don’t believe. And while the […]