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“Transgender” Adult Sexually Assaulted A Child And Was Sentenced To Female Teen Facility

  James Tubbs was just weeks away from his 18th birthday when he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a restroom. California prosecutors refused to try him as an adult (even though he’s now 26) – and James was sentenced to serve time in a juvenile facility.  But since James […]

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Virginia Governor Bans Mask Mandate For Schoolchildren – Leftists Are Hysteric

  Elections have consequences. In Virginia, voters proved they finally had enough when they voted out Virginia’s tyrannical leftist governor and elected a conservative to take his place. And when Virginia’s new Republican Governor instituted an executive order claiming schools could no longer force children to wear masks if their […]

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Judge Awards Underage Teen Approval To Get Abortion Without Parental Consent

  Liberals have deemed working overtime to ensure underage girls can get an abortion without their parents’ approval as their “latest quest.” Of all the “battles” in life to fight – leftists seem to think it’s important to continue to try and pit a parent against their child – and […]

Young Man Shows Incredible Act Of Love To His Elderly Neighbor In Her Final Days

Young Man Shows Incredible Act Of Love To His Elderly Neighbor In Her Final Days

89-year-old Norma Cook was the “little old lady” who lived in a neighborhood house alone with her cat. She developed a sweet friendship with her neighbor Chris, a 31-year-old model and actor who lived across the street. And when the day came where Norma was no longer able to care […]

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Outrageous! Christian Preschool Shut Down Over Mask Mandate

  Thanks to the California Department of Social Services, children are no longer able to attend Foothills Christian Church Preschool. The State brutally forced the beloved preschool to close their doors – claiming they violated a “mask mandate.” And once you hear the blatant discrimination and attack on this Christian […]

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Nurse Botches Abortion Then Impersonates Victim’s Mother on 911 Call To Cover It Up

  Markeisha Hemsley visited an abortion center hoping to end the life of her baby in her second trimester. But her abortion went horribly wrong, and the wicked abortionist severely injured her – almost ending her life. Instead of helping Markeisha, the abortionist tried to cover up the botched abortion […]

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This Mother Was Arrested At A School Board Meeting And She’s Fighting Back With A Lawsuit

  Shannon Joy attended a school board meeting – and briefly lowered her mask to pop in a piece of gum. But because she lowered her mask – the school board decided to call 911 and arrest her – claiming she violated their “mask mandate.” And once you hear what […]

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Teacher Arrested After Locking Her Son In The Trunk On The Way To COVID-19 Testing Site

  41-year Sarah Beam was so paranoid about catching COVID-19 she decided to lock her 13-year-old son (who happened to be COVID-19 positive) in the trunk of her car. Even though her son already tested positive, Sarah decided to drive him to a testing site again, insisting he needed further […]

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6 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

  A new year has come upon us, including all the unrealistic resolutions that come with it. It’s common place to have at least one of the goals for the coming year to include your waist line, but that is not the only route to a fulfilling life. These past […]

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6-Year-Old Girl Doesn’t Like Skirts – So Mom Deems Her “Nonbinary” And Changes Her Name

  One morning before preschool, Claire allegedly became “upset” because she had no clean clothes for school other than skirts – and she didn’t want to wear one. Not a big deal and a reality for many moms – because all preschoolers all have their favorite things and preferences. But […]