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School Places 4-Year-Old Boy In Outdoor Shed Due To COVID-19 Fear And He Got Hypothermia

  4-year-old Mason became sick at school with a runny nose and mild cough – but instead of showing compassion to the child – the school did the unthinkable. They called his mom to pick him up…. because they were “scared” he had COVID-19 – but instead of having him […]

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Democrat Defends Rittenhouse After Recognizing Their Anti-American Views

  The founding fathers are surely rolling in their graves as liberals botch the Constitution and make a mockery of everything America is supposed to stand for. However, there are times where logic and reason can only be denied up to a certain point and then reality knocks them out […]

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Virginia Professor Aims At “Destigmatizing Pedophilia”

  The educational system has gone into complete madness trying to appease every non-sensical whim of the liberal mob. Across the nation we are seeing schools adopt transgender bathroom policies, implement sex-ed programs for kindergarten children, and force young college students to write about inappropriate situations. But if you thought […]

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9-Year-Old Girl Punches Mom’s Attacker Until He Fled

  For most of us, when it comes to family there is nothing we won’t do to protect them. There are the stories of moms lifting cars off their trapped children, and other tales of heroism that seem to defy all logic and reason. This story of a young girl […]

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3 Amazing Benefits To Taking Devices Away From Kids At Night

  The introduction of electronics into our children’s lives has been a double-edged sword. On one hand they can look up information for a report much faster than the old fashioned method of thumbing through countless books at the library, but on the other hand they can quickly be swept […]

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Keep Holiday Spending In Check With These Easy To Follow Guidelines

  Kids go into a frenzy around the holidays asking for every toy and gadget that they have seen on all the well-timed commercials. The pressure to buy our children every item on their wish list during the holidays is intense, especially when we think about their excited little faces […]

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Leftist Teachers Busted Using Covert Tactics To Recruit Kids To Join Pro-LGBT Clubs

  Leftist teachers in California are determined to get kids plugged into LGBT clubs – and they’re pulling out all the stops. From surveilling their Google searches to deliberately hiding club membership rosters from parents – their tactics have hit an all-time low. And once you hear how far the […]

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4 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Holiday Food Binge

  Perfectly cut meats, casseroles galore, pies you only see once a year, and more sugar cookie variations than you thought imaginable are all the marks of the long-awaited holiday buffet. While there is nothing wrong with getting into the festivities of the holidays, having a try one of everything […]

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Teachers Are Calling For An Overhaul Of The “White, Middle-Class” Grading System

  Liberals have been trying to re-define terms and twist societies views on all things traditional. It has gone so far that just being a white, middle-class United States citizen is demonized, being blamed for the source of all things wrong in the world. Just when you thought it couldn’t […]

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Biden’s Latest Tweet Just Took A Massive Jab At Stay-At-Home Moms

  Stay-at-home moms are the bedrock of our nation – and although much of their work may be “unseen” – their influence is priceless. But according to Biden – stay-at-home moms should “get back to work” instead of staying home to raise their children. Wanting to let all moms know […]