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TV Show Drama Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome Fueling Hatred Of Babies With Special Needs

  Producers know they have the attention of millions around the world when they craft a storyline for their latest TV show. Sadly, many use the fame to further promote a pro-abort agenda as if abortion is something which should be “normalized.” The latest attack on life came when the […]

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Maskless Politicians Party On While Attempting To Cancel Holiday Traditions For American Families

  Politicians around the country have demanded Americans cancel their holiday plans. Others have “allowed” families to gather but not without threatening fines if they refuse to follow ridiculous guidelines like wearing masks in a public park and withholding singing. But the same politicians who thrust out their demands to […]

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A Case That Could Preserve Christian Religious Liberty Heads To the Supreme Court

  One of the most important issues facing conservatives today is our right to practice our faith free from persecution. The progressive Left, however, has our Christian faith in their crosshairs because it does not fit their anti-life, alternative lifestyle agenda for their creation of a new America. But there […]

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Another State Rejects the Left’s Argument That Abortion Is a “Right”

  This past election season has been one for the record books, and though many people were focused on the outcome of the presidential ticket, there were far more issues to consider. For pro-lifers, there is a great deal of legislation being introduced throughout the year for which voters can […]

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4 Reasons Fall Is The Best

  All transitions are difficult, and nothing is tougher on families than saying goodbye to days at the beach and hello to the rigorous schedule of school life. However, fall does not have to be the end to all things fun. Not only does fall have a lot to offer, […]

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Man Throws Wife Into River After Argument Over Dinner

  All couples have had their fair share of disagreements- allocation of income, where to spend the family vacation, or whether the kitchen walls should be beige or pearl. Some arguments end up in disappointment, hurt, or in most cases compromise. However, one angry man just couldn’t let his demands […]

Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

Moms – Just Say No To The New “Virtual Babysitting” Trend

  America is in chaos as moms struggle to adjust to the “new norm” and figure out how they are supposed to work – and educate their children (if the schools are closed). Many moms are still working from home – and trying to balance the art of “doing it […]

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Mom Break: Study Shows the Benefits of One-on-One Time with Dad

  In recent decades as traditional values have eroded, so has the traditional family unit comprised of a mother, father, and children. But countless studies have proven the importance of both parental roles in the mental well-being of their children. Much of this research has now been poured over by […]

Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

Family Throws Gender Reveal Party For Teenage Daughter

  One of the most exciting joys of being pregnant is discovering whether you are having a girl or boy. Gender reveal parties are all the rage, with moms releasing blue balloons into the sky announcing they are having a boy or cutting the cake to reveal pink filling for […]

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The 5 Most Important Things You Can Tell Your Children

  As a parent you want to say the right thing to your child every time, hoping that your words incite wisdom, love, and understanding. While it is impossible to be the perfect mom, you can empower your child to feel their worth and know the unconditional love you have […]