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Insanity – Governor Tells Folks To Keep Their Masks On “Between Bites” While Dining Out

  Friends and families across the country have long enjoyed gathering together over a meal and breaking bread with one another. While the mask mandate has dominated America – folks enjoyed being able to still gather in a restaurant – and while they may have to wear a mask to […]

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A Look At 5 Myths About Babies We All Thought Were True

  There has never been more judgement, superstition and old wives tales than there has been surrounding children. Specifically, bringing a new life into the world creates this excitement in women that often gets misplaced. So to help you sort through the endless stream of advice and misinformation, we have […]

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4 Reasons Fall Is The Best

  All transitions are difficult, and nothing is tougher on families than saying goodbye to days at the beach and hello to the rigorous schedule of school life. However, fall does not have to be the end to all things fun. Not only does fall have a lot to offer, […]

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Brave “Shout Your Motherhood” Stories Drown Out Wicked Pro-Abort Campaign

  Liberals have long claimed abortion is simply “healthcare” and the gold standard for women’s rights in America. In a sick attempt to “normalize” abortion – liberals even started a “shout your abortion” campaign where women took to social media to boast about the “joy” in their abortion. Thinking they […]

School Teacher Slams Police In Indoctrinating Assignment

School Teacher Slams Police In Indoctrinating Assignment

Teachers are ripping parental rights from the hands of concerned families. Kids used to go to school to learn how to read and write, then slowly over the decades public education institutions took it upon themselves to instill a belief system in children. Sadly,those beliefs are disrespectful, anti-American, and detrimental […]

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Will Isolation Harm Your Child’s Immune System? Some Experts Say “Yes”

Home – it’s a word that is synonymous with comfort, family, safety, and love. We’ve all been home more this year, whether by choice or government overreach, but sometimes being home all the time can be isolating. Some experts are now warning that, despite media-driven panic and the mandates and […]

Victory! Wicked Abortionist Who Bragged About Cutting Babies Vocal Cords Is Suspended

Victory! Wicked Abortionist Who Bragged About Cutting Babies Vocal Cords Is Suspended

Abortionists often claim they are just doctors who are helping a woman practice her “right” to do whatever she wants with “her own body”, even though everyone knows nothing could be further from the truth. And then there are those abortionists who take it even further – and brag about […]

“Transgender” Parents Seek Sympathy On How Hard It Is To Raise Kids

“Transgender” Parents Seek Sympathy On How Hard It Is To Raise Kids

As moms around America are doing their best to navigate parenting during this tricky season – most can admit it’s been tough. Many women have gone from wife and mother – to career woman, wife, mother, AND teacher – all in a few short months.  And according to “transgender” parents […]

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Iconic Kid’s Fast Food Mascots Promote Sickening LGBT Agenda

LGBT activists are utterly obsessed with targeting children and their latest campaign shows they’ll use any means necessary. Many children are fond of famous fast food characters like Ronald McDonald and the Burger King mascot – which is why the latest marketing campaign is so sickening. Hoping to brainwash children […]

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Netflix’s Cuties Film Exploits Kids And Sparks Major Backlash Yet Liberals Remain Silent

When Netflix released their Cuties film – the world became outraged at the exploitation of 11-year old girls. The film showed barely dressed young teens dancing for adults while performing sexualized moves. In fact, conservative legislators were so horrified at the film – they’ve called the Department of Justice to […]