Top 5 Safest Family Outdoor Excursions When There’s Enough Stuff To Worry About

Top 5 Safest Family Outdoor Excursions When There’s Enough Stuff To Worry About

Social unrest led by liberal elitist groups has tore down decades of mended bridges between classes and races, creating dangerous environments around the nation. That coupled with the fear mongering by the media and all banishment from many public gatherings by government officials, there is a limited number of activities […]
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Attacks Increase Against Pro-Lifers During Current Racial Unrest

At a time when there is so much unrest over inequality that has spurred protests, rallies, and violence, everyone on the Left seems to be missing the point. Millions of unborn lives, without a voice to defend themselves, have been snuffed out in legalized abortions. And the message of those […]
Boy Jumps In Front Of Dog Attack To Save His Sister In Incredible Act Of Love

Boy Jumps In Front Of Dog Attack To Save His Sister In Incredible Act Of Love

When we are being attacked, physically or psychologically, it is usually our nature to go on the defensive, to save ourselves. Having the guts and instinct to choose someone else’s well-being in a time of crisis takes training and practice by a special kind of person- unless you are one […]
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Heartwarming: Abandoned Baby With Special Needs Receives A New Home Full Of Love

A 10-day old baby with special needs was abandoned and left to die alone… … she wasn’t even given a name. And once Addisyn learned this beautiful 10-day old baby had no home or even anyone to care for her, she knew she had to do something. Stepping out in […]
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Better Start Thinking About Your Post-Workout Diet If You Want That Workout To Count

You finally did it! You have conquered a workout routine despite the busy mornings of spilled milk and a thousand requests from children before you have a chance to finish a cup of coffee. But now you are watching and waiting for those results to kick in like the before […]
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Telehealth Is New And Intimidating – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

It used to be when your child had a cough, suspicious fever, or weird rash you would take them to the pediatrician for an exam. Well, not anymore. With the rising digital age, modern advancements in medical equipment, and prevalence of deadly viruses, telehealth is the new normal for checking […]
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A Sad Day In America –Many Businesses Forced Into Bankruptcy And Store Closures

  These past few months, many businesses have taken a beating as they’ve been forced to adapt to a socially distant world. From mandatory government regulations to losing a huge customer base due to mandatory stay-at-home orders – many businesses simply could not withstand the hit. As a result, some […]
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Studies On Natural Immune Responses Provide Hope For Pandemic’s Eventual End

  As families all over the world continue to grapple with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, scientists and the medical community are working to understand the body’s response to the virus. Eventually, everyone will have to get back to the same routines and activities as we participated in pre-pandemic […]
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Profit Over Patient Care – Human Rights Violations Uncovered During the U.K.’s Coronavirus Response

  During this global health crisis, we’ve all certainly learned a lot about how “healthy” our healthcare systems around the world may – or may not – be as they respond to this crisis. While early media scare-tactics in the U.S. focused on hospitals being overrun with coronavirus cases to […]
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Pro-Lifers Call Out Protesters For Missing the Real Threat to Black Lives

  There’s no question 2020 has been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and social unrest that has led to protests, rioting, and violence. Not since the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement have we experienced such racial tensions, as African-Americans fight to have their voices heard. But one […]