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Parents Tased And Arrested For Trying To Save Children From School Shooter Scare 

  Imagine being a parent and getting a report that your child’s school is in lockdown.  Every parent I know would do anything to protect and rescue their child from harm – especially after the world witnessed the botched job of law enforcement in Uvalde. But when a group of […]

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Lib News Host Compares Slavery To Abortion Rights In Ridiculous Rant

  The left has fostered a mindset that all original origins of the United States have been founded on racism. While the idea is skewed and a whole issue in itself it has laid the groundwork for a particular worldview that has tainted all areas of American society. In an […]

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Teacher’s 9-Step Bathroom Procedure Is Concerning Parents

  Before cell phones in school were a thing, going to the bathroom was nothing exciting. But now there is so much a student tries to get away with under the guise of a “bathroom break.” So one teacher created a system to try and stop all the nonsense – […]

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It Was Bound To Happen – Merriam-Webster Officially Redefines The Word Female 

  Every human being is born either male or female, and defining the word female never used to be controversial – until now. LGBT activists have become utterly obsessed with claiming a male can be a female if he “identifies” as one – regardless of his biological sex. And now, […]

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Faces Backlash After Discriminating Against Women Who Choose Life

  Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to help out their pregnant employees by offering a $4,000 reimbursement. But the catch is, the $4,000 is only for pregnant women who want to travel to get an abortion to kill their own baby. Thankfully moms who choose life are fighting back at the […]

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Dems Want To Pay For Abortions Overseas Because They Can’t Kill Here

  The overturning of Roe v. Wade was a long-awaited day of celebration that meant salvation for countless lives. Liberals did not take the victory well and have been lashing out ever since with violence, counter-bills, and marches to express their disgust at saving unborn children. Sadly, none of this […]

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Transgender Chaos – Biological Male Impregnates 2 Women In Female Only Prison

 Demi Minor, a biological male, has decided he “identifies” as a woman. But when he was sentenced to prison for 30 years for manslaughter – he ended up in a New Jersey women’s prison – where he then went on to actually impregnate two different women. And once you hear […]

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New Bill Seeks To Make California A “Transgender Sanctuary” State

The same radical legislators in California who wants to make “drag queen” shows mandatory for school kids and give a free pass to child sexual predators is at it again – and you won’t believe what he’s up to now. Radical leftist Senator Scott Wiener has plans to turn California […]

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Here’s A Snapshot Of All The States Protecting Girls From “Transgender” Madness

The Biden administration has launched a full-blown assault on young girls – but these states are fighting back. If Biden and his new Supreme Court Justice Judge Jackson have their way – “transgender” athletes will ruin female sports forever. But thankfully states’ rights run supreme (at least for now) – […]

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CDC Directs “Transgender” Teens To Secret Chat Group – And It’s Absolutely Horrifying 

  The CDC tortured Americans for over two years pushing mask mandates and a host of other “safety protocols” – and now they’re back to gunning for our children. On the official CDC youth resource page – they list a ton of “resources” for kids to help them with their […]