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Insane Liberals Seek “Gender Inclusive” Terms To Replace Amen During Prayer

  The “politically correct” left is at it again – and this time they’ve brought the word police to the halls of Congress. During a typical Congressional prayer – one Congressman went rogue and ended prayer in the most bizarre way ever. In fact, you won’t even believe the way […]

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After More Than 3,739 Days In Foster Care – This Teen Finally Has A Home

  There’s nothing worse than feeling unwanted and rejected – especially without a family to call your own. 17-year old Akyra knows this all too well as she spent more than 10-years in the foster system being tossed from place to place. Just when she had given up all hope […]

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Beloved Daughter Dies From A Disease Only Thought To Strike The Elderly

  As a society there are certain negative medical stereotypes that we have unknowingly held on to. Only dirty children get lice, only young people get chicken pox, and only older individuals get Alzheimer’s Disease are such stereotypes. Some norms are meant to be challenged, but in the case of […]

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Are Our Nation’s Schools Giving Kids the Wrong Tools For Developing Healthy Habits?

  With the rise in virtual learning over the course of this year, many parents are getting a better idea of what their children are learning in school. While balancing this new form of education has been difficult for many of us, it does provide us an opportunity to better […]

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

School Forces 3rd Grader To Remove Her “Offensive” Jesus Loves Me Face Mask

  In the new era of mask mandates and restrictions, yet again, children are caught in the middle of it all. Some schools aren’t even meeting in person and have resorted to 100 percent virtual learning while others are meeting but with massive restrictions. And when one little 3rd grade […]

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The Slippery Slope Continues: Nation’s First “Transgender” State Senator Gets Elected

  The 2020 election will certainly go down in history – although the full ending has not yet been written. From voter fraud charges being filed in courts throughout the country to election machine nightmares – Biden may have “won” – but pending legal action we’ll see how things play […]

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Abortion Regrets From Women Who Wish They’d Made A Different Choice

  Although the left peddles abortion as an “empowering” action for women – those who have had abortion soon learn there is nothing good about ripping a baby from the safety of its mother’s womb. In fact, every pro-lifer knows abortion not only harms a baby – but it ultimately […]

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Breastfeeding is Beautiful But We Would Be Lying If We Said There Were Never Challenges

  There is no better nourishment for a newborn baby than the milk from their mother. If you are able to experience the breastfeeding journey, there are a couple things that are helpful to know. One is that you are an amazing, beautiful woman who will learn to do just […]

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The Irony In Pro-Socialism Activists Disdain For Government

There is a frightening trend happening in politics right now – other than the typical liberal agenda. The push to re-write history for our younger generations and the wave of entitlement among citizens in the United States has created a flock of dangerous and misguided individuals. The worst part may […]

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Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Can Stop The Downward Leftist Spiral

Although liberal Senators tried to stop her confirmation – Amy Coney Barrett made it through and is now a United States Supreme Court Justice. This victory goes deeper than her being an intelligent and competent woman – she is all of that AND a woman of faith who cares deeply […]