Libraries Deny Kirk Cameron’s Story Hour While Allowing Sexual Predators To Read To Kids

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It’s no secret public libraries are pawns for LGBT activists – but their bias against Christian conservatives has reached an all-time high.

While “drag queens” are ushered through the doors to read stories to children… Christians like Kirk Cameron are shunned.

And once you hear why libraries don’t want Cameron to enter through their doors – you’re bound to be outraged.

To start – it’s crystal clear that libraries are no longer a safe place for children.

Librarians actually attend workshops on how to introduce LGBT material to children.

“Drag queens” are invited in to be around children… even sexual predators!

It’s clear children aren’t safe – but libraries would rather boast about their LGBT credentials than actually provide wholesome material to children.

Since “drag queens” are welcome – one would think libraries wouldn’t discriminate, right?

Well as it turns out – libraries may claim to be “inclusive” – but they are only welcoming of those who share their beliefs.

So, when Kirk Cameron’s publisher contacted nearly 50 libraries trying to get Kirk in to read a passage from his new Christian children’s book highlighting the fruits of the spirit… most libraries ignored his request – but some flat-out refused it.

The Daily Signal reported:

From Scarsdale to San Diego, Cameron said, “Over 50 libraries rejected the book without even reading it.” On “Washington Watch” with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, he explained that the staff they’ve spoken to haven’t even tried to hide their hostility.

“One in Rochambeau public library in Rhode Island said, ‘We are a queer-friendly library, and our messaging just doesn’t align.’ And I’m thinking, ‘Well, with what? The fruit of the spirit?’ But the problem is [that] the fruit of public libraries, as one journalist pointed out, is fake diversity, non-inclusion, drag queens, and a rejection of the sexes.”

Cameron points out while he isn’t allowed to talk about love, joy, and peace…

… libraries host “gender-name change” clinics.

While Kirk Cameron continued to receive rejections from libraries – he refused to back down.

He threatened to exercise his legal rights and take it to the courts, if the libraries wouldn’t let him enter.

Fearing a lawsuit – a few of the libraries have already caved, and agreed to let Cameron read his book.

Fox News reported:

“The actor, writer and producer, a married father of six children based in California who first found fame on the TV sitcom “Growing Pains,” added, “I hope these libraries welcome me to Indiana and New York — but should they refuse to rent me a room, like those used by drag queens in June, I am prepared to assert my rights under the Constitution in court.”

Cheers to Kirk Cameron for standing up to the LGBT machine!

Libraries may think they have a monopoly on children – which is now why more than ever conservatives need to stand up and fight back – and combat the LGBT agenda with God’s truth.

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