CNN Urges You To Cancel Netflix For Anti-Trans Comedy Special But Not For Any Of Its Other Filth

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We should be used to the left’s hypocrisy by now but it continues to be a shocking display of human indecency each time, grabbing your attention and demanding justice.

One of the most left-leaning news agencies out there, CNN, loves to highlight progressive agendas being fulfilled but gawks at any conservative truths.

So when Dave Chapelle came out with a comedy special that stated gender is not a choice, you can only imagine the gasps from the LGBT supportive news outlet!

“The Closer” is Dave Chapelle’s new comedy special released exclusively on none other than Netflix.

The controversial streaming platform has made headlines in the last couple years for shaking the conservative viewers with their offensive and pro-LGBT content.

If it wasn’t the show featuring teens committing suicide, then it was the series showcasing young girls doing provocative dances and immodestly dressed called Cuties that made countless viewers question Netflix’s ethics and morals.

These weren’t the only shows that had Netflix subscriptions drop by 800%, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.


Remakes of once family loved classics like Anne of Green Gables were turned staunchly liberal with new homosexual and transsexual characters making their debut.


Shockingly, none of these atrocious programs grabbed the attention of CNN, but only elicited praise by the morally depleted leftists.

However, when Chapelle made factual statements in his popular and well-rated show about transsexuals, CNN couldn’t believe their ears and called subscribers to immediately cancel their Netflix memberships.

One of Chapelle’s popular jokes stated “gender is a fact” and his objections to one claiming to be transsexual.

During the routine he also defended author J.K. Rowling over her defense that gender is biological, calling himself part of “team TERF”, standing for “trans-exclusive radical feminists.”

Now we aren’t saying Dave Chapelle does not talk about inappropriate material during his comedy routines, but he does speak on many truths that are largely considered politically incorrect.

The CNN show At This Hour featured transgender guest Lina Bradford, DJ and actress, who told host Boris Sanchez that Chapelle’s jokes were “insulting and insensitive.”

No one wanted to speak up about turning a profit off teen suicides being insensitive but when one states scientific and biological fact they are now being offensive!

Sanchez and Bradford even tried to pin complete blame on Chapelle for any transgender deaths that happen after the release of his comedy sketch, especially among the black community, Media Research Center reports.

When is the left going to realize we are responsible for our own actions and stop playing victim whenever the opportunity arises?

While Netflix was openly criticized by CNN, it is unlikely that the new comedy special will cause many subscribers to cancel like the mass exodus of conservative viewers who were standing their ground on foundational beliefs.

The Closer has received a 96% positive viewer review, according to Fox News, showing that it is largely enjoyed across politically divides.

Turns out many people like to appease the liberal mob when threatened with public humiliation and shame, but behind the safety and security of their television screens the truth is allowed to be spoken and maybe even humorously presented.