Conservatives Are Making A Difference: Netflix Subscriptions Drop By Nearly 800 Percent

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Leftists often push their filth onto mainstream America – thinking they can get away with it.

From pro-LGBT merchandise geared towards children to “transgender” changing rooms to the latest sexual exploitation of children on Netflix – somehow liberals think they can do whatever they want.

But when the latest “Cuties” movie dropped on Netflix which exploited young children in the worst way – conservatives fought back with a vengeance – and it looks like their voices were heard in a major way.

Netflix refused to pull the movie, actually defending it as “art” and claimed it helped expose what is happening in the human trafficking world.

Except any rational adult knows you don’t deliberately exploit children to showcase exploitation.

So, conservatives rallied together and started a massive campaign encouraging everyone to cancel their Netflix subscription.

The hashtag “#CancelNetflix” was all the rage on social media and nearly 400,000 people signed a petition demanding Netflix remove it ASAP.

As it turns out – the pressure seemed to have an effect – as Netflix faced a whopping 800 percent drop in their subscriptions.

Netflix tried to downplay the drop (of course) but the numbers don’t lie.

The New York Post reported:

“But numbers analyzed by New York data analytics firms Antenna and YipitData tell a different story — that the protest, led by conservatives who claim the film’s portrayal of pre-teen girls living in Paris “hyper-sexualized” children, had made a big dent in subscriptions.

Antenna reported that Netflix lost five times as many subscribers in September’s first couple of weeks — a few days into the protest — than the company lost in all of August.

YipitData gave even grimmer numbers, putting September cancellations at 8 times of those in August and declaring the drop “a multi-year high.”

It gets better.

Conservative politicians demanded an investigation into the flick which ended up with Netflix being indicted by a Texas grand jury.

Netflix was charged with “promotion of lewd visual material depicting child.”

It’s truly a sad day in this country where it’s even controversial if the sexual exploitation of children should be allowed.

Liberal techies may defend it as “art” – but it is a sickening attack on our children, yet again.

When Target introduced “transgender” bathrooms – they too felt the backlash of angry conservatives.

Even though Target’s policies were drawing sexual predators into their stores – they were more concerned with protecting their pro-LGBT agenda.

The good news is – actions have consequences.

One can expect Netflix subscriptions will continue to drop as the “entertainment” streaming surface continues to promote anti-family and pro-LGBT content.

Moms are refusing to subject their children to such filth, rightfully so.

Cheers to conservatives for speaking out and standing up for children all around the world.

Children can’t yet defend themselves, and they need people in their corner who truly have their best interests at heart.

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