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CNN Urges You To Cancel Netflix For Anti-Trans Comedy Special But Not For Any Of Its Other Filth

  We should be used to the left’s hypocrisy by now but it continues to be a shocking display of human indecency each time, grabbing your attention and demanding justice. One of the most left-leaning news agencies out there, CNN, loves to highlight progressive agendas being fulfilled but gawks at […]

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Conservatives Are Making A Difference: Netflix Subscriptions Drop By Nearly 800 Percent

Leftists often push their filth onto mainstream America – thinking they can get away with it. From pro-LGBT merchandise geared towards children to “transgender” changing rooms to the latest sexual exploitation of children on Netflix – somehow liberals think they can do whatever they want. But when the latest “Cuties” […]

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Netflix’s Cuties Film Exploits Kids And Sparks Major Backlash Yet Liberals Remain Silent

When Netflix released their Cuties film – the world became outraged at the exploitation of 11-year old girls. The film showed barely dressed young teens dancing for adults while performing sexualized moves. In fact, conservative legislators were so horrified at the film – they’ve called the Department of Justice to […]