The Final Nail In The Coffin? This Entertainment Company Has Done It Again

Parents are always looking for quality programming that the family can enjoy together.

But the left’s propaganda machine has cranked into high gear in recent years, and it can be difficult to find family friendly entertainment options.

Parents were recently excited at the prospect of a new family show becoming available – but what they saw shocked and disgusted them.

The streaming service Netflix is no stranger to controversy – and no friend of conservative families.

But some households have kept their subscriptions to the service as an alternative to expensive cable bills or for some of the non-offensive children’s programming that can be accessed at all hours of the day.

When Netflix announced that they would be airing a new program based on the classic children’s story, Anne of Green Gables, parents were willing to give it a chance in the hopes of bringing happy memories of the classic to their own families.

They were not prepared for what they would see on the new program – and they are infuriated.

Anne with an E is the new program loosely based on the characters of Lucy Maud Montgomery that live in the seaside town of Avonlea.

The century-old novel is a favorite of families, and the new Netflix program has left a bad taste in their mouths.

While parents who had watched the series from the beginning caught a hint or two of a possible agenda early on, the shocking twist taken in Season 2 was the final nail in the coffin.

One viewer told LifeSite News: “We endured one of the most insidious, deceitful, emotionally-charged propaganda pieces promoting the homosexual lifestyle.”

The episode focused around a party that Anne and her friends attended.  There, guests included blatant homosexuals and transvestites.

The dialogue included propaganda phrases like, “Love is love,” and messages of hope for the town’s outcasts because they are “different.”

While at the party, Anne realizes that the elderly aunt had been “married” to her female “roommate.”  Another character, described as an “artistic, sensitive boy who was bullied” decides then and there that he must be gay.

While the friend that Anne attends the party with is uncomfortable and confused due to her conservative upbringing, Anne comes to the rescue with more progressive propaganda.

LifeSite News reports on the dialogue in the episode:

“I think I learned some things about love, too,” Anne states to Marilla Cuthbert. “It doesn’t look the same for everyone. It can come in so many forms. And how can there be anything wrong with a life if it’s spent with a person you love?”

Producer Moira Walley-Beckett has stated in interviews her excitement over reimagining the classic characters in Avonlea in way we could have never imagined with comments like: “It was just like, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to get the kids to Charlottetown to see Aunt Jo and have her reboot her annual mid-winter queer soirée?’”

And referring to the” gay boy,” “It would only make sense that there would be somebody in the class who was struggling with identity” – that, “also, in my mind their teacher Mr. Phillips has always been an unidentified closeted homosexual.”

The series is produced in Canada.  It premiered on CBS in early 2017, followed by Netflix a few months later.  It has been renewed by both CBS and Netflix for the second season – CBS is set to air Season 2 in September.

This is but the latest assault by Netflix on traditional family programming.  They have gone above and beyond the boundaries of decency in their quest to promote LGBT lifestyles – and worse.

Mommy Underground has reported on many offensive programs airing on Netflix as a warning to families.  Recently, a blatantly pornographic scene involving children was depicted in the Netflix film Desire.

Last year, they aired episodes of “scientist” Bill Nye’s supposed children’s program, Bill Nye Saves The World,” which included references to population control (abortion) and transgenderism.

And the animated program Bigmouth contained graphic scenes depicting masturbation, showing the genitals of children, and other offensive sexual topics – yes, in a cartoon.

These are only a few of their offensive titles that target families to spread the left’s agenda.

Netflix has also been very vocal in recent years about fighting legislation that does not support progressive ideology, going so far as to say they would move production to a different state if legislation protecting Christians’ right to religious liberty is passed where they are currently based.

One parent said of the Anne with an E episode that, “I’m surprised they did not waive the rainbow flag as they waived every other emotive pro-gay stereotype from our time.”

For conservative parents who have kept their Netflix subscriptions for the small amount of appropriate children’s programming available, this may be the final straw that has them cutting ties.

Netflix has made it clear – they stand with the progressive agenda and will do whatever they can to spread it.  They do not stand with family values.

If you’re a parent who has already boycotted Netflix, you can voice your concerns to their customer service department and spread the word to others who want to preserve quality family programming.

Did you watch Anne with an E with the hopes that it would be a family friendly program?  Or did you cancel your Netflix subscription due to other offensive programming?  Leave us your thoughts.