Disgraceful New Program – And TV Host Who Promoted It – Continue Entertainment’s Downward Spiral

The liberal media knows no bounds when it comes to attacking conservatives and traditional family values, withtelevision reporting and programming, have become increasingly left-leaning in recent years.

It is a rare occurrence to tune into primetime or late-night television and find anything appropriate for families to watch together.  The LGBT agenda, vulgar language, provocative sexual scenes, and anti-family sentiments fill the airwaves.

But one new show set to premiere on Netflix begs the question, how much further downhill can the entertainment industry go in its effort to gain ratings with disgraceful liberal rhetoric?

A new animated series, Big Mouth, is the creation of Nick Kroll, famous for working on another anti-family cartoon, Family Guy.

And like anything that promotes the liberal agenda and offends conservatives, late-night host Stephen Colbert was thrilled to promote the show by interviewing its writer.

LifeSite News reported:

Colbert introduced Kroll with great fanfare and eventually asked about the show. “Is this the kind of show that parents would sit down and watch with their children?”

Kroll smiled and said jokingly, “Steve, I’m going to leave that up to each and every individual parent.” Then he admitted, “It’s very dirty.”

“Big Mouth” features graphic masturbation, nocturnal emissions, “puberty fairies,” a giant condom creature, and “aching pubes.” A personified masturbation pillow falls in love with its abuser and wants to be more than just a “fling.”

Kroll got a lot of laughs with the line that his show “is kind of like the sex-ed video I wished I had gotten to see, but also, like, filthy.”

After Colbert promised a donation to the Puerto Rico hurricane relief for every celebrity that posts their 13-year-old “pubescent” picture on social media, he made the sign of the cross.

Colbert and his leftist colleagues seem to think it is funny that impressionable young people will tune into the show they jokingly refer to as “filthy.”

Because of his late-night time slot, Colbert is able to push the envelope during every show with his offensive behaviors and disgusting remarks.

He was in the news earlier this year for a verbal tirade against President Trump, full of offensive language which left even the most jaded viewers shocked.

Pro-family and Christian activists are warning parents about the offensive material presented inBig Mouth and chastising Colbert for continuing to promote morally reprehensible content on television.

Besides the vulgar language and imagery described in Big Mouth — including showing the genitals of young teens — critics point to the show becoming the latest to promote acceptance of sexualizing children.

Others express fears the show will become must-see TV for pedophiles and those who view child pornography.

Big Mouth obviously degrades and objectifies young women by making them nothing more than fodder for sexual fantasies, and normalizing sexual encounters and experimentation at a young age.

Because the show is animated, it gives the impression of innocence and fun – and will likely appeal to tweens and teens.  And because of the animation, the explicit images depicted are not thought to be offensive in nature to the left.

This program, however, is taking American television further down a slippery slope, where the next television show will likely show images such as these played by live actors.The more shows like this that are allowed to appear – even on less regulated cable networks – the further television programming will fall into degradation.

Newsbusters reported:

The problems with the show are as follows: 1. Explicit depictions of young teens engaging in sexual activity. 2. The producers have labeled the show as aimed at young people. 3. The writer was originally working for Family Guy. That show is not meant for young adults. From what the trailer portrays, it seems doubtful that young adults will be watching the show. More likely, adults will be watching these scenes with graphic depictions of a young teenage girl’s private parts.

In 2011, conservative author and actor Ben Shapiro wrote a book called Primetime Propaganda, in which he recorded numerous television executives from major affiliates.  In nearly every interview he conducted, the media execs admitted that Hollywood pushes the liberal agenda while targeting conservatives – and they have no intention of stopping.

“Television has been perhaps the most impressive weapon in the left’s political arsenal,” Shapiro argues in the book.

With television shows increasingly pushing liberal propaganda, it becomes even more imperative for conservative parents to monitor what their children and teens are watching.

Liberal television personalities like Stephen Colbert will continue to push – and encourage – the left’s disturbing agenda with the purpose of purging the airwaves of anything promoting conservative values or that is appropriate for families and children.

Pro-family groups are encouraging a boycott of Netflix – and Stephen Colbert’s late-night programming – in the hopes that a response from American families will slow the pace of immoral television shows debuting on the airwaves.

But with the media, Hollywood studios, and corporate television networks all in the left’s back pocket, it appears the worst is yet to come.

What are your thoughts on the unbelievably vulgar content described on the show BigMouth?  Will you boycott Netflix and Stephen Colbert to stand with family values?  Leave us your thoughts.

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