Unbelievable! Young Mom Has 21 Children And Wants More 

Photo by Owlana on Flickr.com


It is easy for young girls to imagine they have a 100 children as they line up every doll and stuffed animal they have on the bed to prepare for a day of fun.

As we get older, the demands of life and responsibilities become a reality, and while the dream of a big family may remain, it becomes a number much less than 100.

However, for one young woman the fantasies of a larger-than-life family are becoming a reality- and you won’t believe the number of children she still plans on having!

Just over a year ago, Kristina Ozturk was a young mom of one little girl, Victoria, and was living a modest life as a single woman in Russia.

Then after she decided to go on a vacation to Batumi, Georgia to get a little break from her daily duties, everything changed.

Kristina, 23, fell in love with her now husband Galip, 57, and moved herself and Victoria to Georgia to begin their new lives.

The newlyweds talked about having a huge family and quickly began fulfilling their dream – and hired 20 surrogates!

I’ve dreamed about this since childhood,” Kristina stated according to The Sun.

Marrying a millionaire businessman gave the couple the opportunity to afford the £138,000 (nearly $44,000) it took to hire the surrogates, reports The Sun.

In a short 14 months, Kristina went from being a mom of one to a mom of 21!

All the children are her biological children and she tries to spend quality time with each of them equally.

The Sun reports on her busy schedule:

I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do. The only difference is the amount of kids.

Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family. I can tell you one thing – my days are never boring.”

It would most certainly never give you time to be bored with 21 kids!

But she doesn’t have to do the job alone.

The busy parents pay $96,000 a year on 16 live-in nannies who have to abide by a very strict protocol for caring for the children.

Each child has a diary where the nannies journal everything they do in a day, including how many poopy diapers they changed.

To confirm the well-being and honesty of the staff, each dirty diaper has to be photographed and sent to Kristina for examination.

Now that is one involved momma!

You would think the mental and physical exhaustion of caring for so many children would be enough to make you reconsider having so many so close together, but for Kristina it seems to be the opposite.

She had once said she would like to have a 100 babies, reports The Sun, and says she still looks forward to having more children after the others get a little older.

Kristina says her husband Galip shares in the dream of having a big family:

My husband also dreamed about having a big, happy family. So after we met, we started to put our dream into action.”

Wondering how much it costs to care for a brood so large?

Kristina says, according to The Sun:

It costs about $5,000-$6,000 (£3,500-£4,200) per week for essentials for all the kids. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a bit less.”

The children are mostly between 4mos and 14mos, with her oldest daughter Victoria being 6-years-old now.

It is hard to imagine a house full of so many babies at once – and even more difficult to think about a household that size full of teenagers!

Hopefully, Kristina and Galip will continue to show the same enthusiasm throughout their lives as their unbelievably large family.