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In A Culture of Pressure and Productivity, Kids Need To Learn When to Quit

  Now more than ever, we’re living in a time of pressure, of a push for productivity, that often leads to burnout. And then there’s the unspoken rule in our culture that seems to lead us to believe that giving up on something means failing at it. But that’s not […]

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Families In Urban Areas Are Seeing a Startling New Effect of Social Distancing

  Of all the changes that have come about in the last several months due to the health crisis sweeping our globe, one good one has been that families have had more time to spend together. Changes in routine and activities are always stressful for children, and all the regulations […]

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How To Know If A Toxic Friendship Is Draining Your Energy

Waking up tired after what you thought was a decent night’s rest can set you up for failure the rest of the day. Thinking back to how this could have happened you remember feeling particularly out-of-sorts after you got off with your friend the night before; hearing her contentions (yet […]

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Virginia Photographer Sues State For Forcing Him To Promote LGBT Ideas

  Conservative values have been under heavy fire recently in the media and by democratic representatives. Between attacks on our president and LGBT wolves trying to tear down the framework of the traditional family, it is hard to imagine things could get worse. But then Virginia makes another law that […]

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Newspaper Rejects “All Lives Matter” Pro-Life Ad Calling It Racist

  A pro-life group created a tender ad with a photo of an unborn baby and the words “All Lives Matter End Abortion Now” in hopes to run it in their local paper. But instead of running the ad, the paper rejected it and you won’t believe their reasoning. Even […]

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Sesame Street Celebrates “Pride Month” By Blasting LGBT Propaganda At Innocent Children

  LGBT activists have deemed June “pride month” and are using it as an excuse to throw even more propaganda at the world – especially children. From businesses flying rainbow flags and selling pro-LGBT merchandise, to cartoons and kids’ shows promoting the LGBT agenda, yet again children are caught in […]

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Trump Administration Once Again Declares True Gender Identification 

  Another victory for our president is in the books! Beneath the liberal veneer of racial justice and hidden agendas the LGBT community struggles to keep picking at the Constitution until it bends to all their emotional whims. But the Trump administration is not subject to the tactics of the […]

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Ridiculous: ‘Paw Patrol’ Attacked For Pro-Police Message

  Just about everyone in the nation has seen the non-stop media coverage of the protests over the death of George Floyd. The attention has spurred society to take an in-depth look into even the most mundane of things to see if there is injustice within. And the hunt has […]

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Every Mom Of A Child With Special Needs Longs For These Main Things

  Many moms who are raising a child with special needs silently struggle while they watch the world go by. And while they may seem to have it “all together”, they are longing for others to step in and help – even if they don’t always communicate what they need […]

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CDC’s Ridiculous Guidelines For Reopening Schools Turn Classrooms Into Prisons

  As the CDC released its “suggested guidelines” for schools to reopen, many moms were outraged at what was expected of their children. From canceled extracurricular activities to forcing children to eat their lunch at their desk while maintaining a “safe” social distance from their friends– the new guidelines are […]