Another Rape Survivor Chooses Life

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Many people assume if a woman becomes pregnant by rape, she will automatically choose to abort her baby.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are countless women who suffered through the violence of rape, yet bravely decided to carry their babies – and just wait until you hear the incredible story of young Shauna.

Shauna Prewitt was raped in college and became pregnant.

When she went to seek guidance from her school counselors, they all told her to get an abortion, reported Live Action.

So many young women – being scared and unsure of what to do next – would have simply listened to the counselors.

But this is why having crisis pregnancy centers are crucial – to show young women that having an abortion is not their only option!

But even though her school counselors advised her to get an abortion, by the grace of God, young Shauna decided to move forward and have her baby – and today she has no regrets.

Many women in similar situations actually say they end up finding healing in having their baby after such a horrific act, as they see the innocence and beauty in being a mother to a new life.

Sadly, so many pro-aborts often use women who were raped as an excuse to justify abortion…

… even though abortions from rape are less than 3-percent of all abortions.

Even worse, pro-lifers who claim to be “pro-life” often say they are pro-life “except in cases of rape.”

But a baby is a baby, regardless of how they are conceived.

It’s hurtful for women who share their stories to continue to be used by both sides of the life debate as an excuse to justify abortion.

Thankfully, as more women who’ve been in this situation share their stories, it sheds light on the truth – that not all women who are raped choose abortion.

Live Action continued:

Two studies found that most women don’t opt for abortion after rape. One, by David Reardon, Amie Sobie and Julie Makimaa, found that 73% of women pregnant by rape chose life.

The other, by Dr. Sandra Mahkorn, put the number at 75%, and showed that the majority of women pregnant from rape didn’t want abortions. 

Both studies also found that women who chose life after rape were glad they did. Mahkorn’s study even found that women who had their babies after rape adjusted better and healed faster than women who aborted.”

It’s critical for those who claim to be pro-life to be pro-life without exception – including protecting babies who are conceived by rape.

While rape is a horrific and violent crime, it will not bring a woman healing to undergo more violence via having her unborn child ripped from her womb.

And those who advocate for abortion need to stop using the personal stories of women who have suffered trauma to try and justify their cause.

Women are choosing life, and finding healing after rape.

What these women need is love and support – not people telling them the only decision they have is to take the life of their innocent baby.

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