Brave “Shout Your Motherhood” Stories Drown Out Wicked Pro-Abort Campaign

Photo by Anna Hecker on Unsplash


Liberals have long claimed abortion is simply “healthcare” and the gold standard for women’s rights in America.

In a sick attempt to “normalize” abortion – liberals even started a “shout your abortion” campaign where women took to social media to boast about the “joy” in their abortion.

Thinking they won the media battle – they never saw the “shout your motherhood” campaign coming which silenced the opposition in the most incredible way.

Conservatives have long sounded the whistle on the grotesque procedure which slays unborn babies and robs women of their dignity.

Statistics show, an abortion center is just as dangerous for a woman as a baby.

Yet still, pro-aborts paint the “necessity” of abortion – with stories of women being raped who have no other choice.

Which is why the shout your motherhood campaign has been so incredible.

One brave woman, Jennifer Christie has often been attacked by pro-aborts for choosing to have her son after being brutally raped.

Abortion activists often harass Christie and accuse her of lying – and criticize her for choosing to have her son.

Jennifer Christie often shares her story to show how every life matters – regardless of the means the baby was received.

In an essay, Christie wrote:

 “I was

-A married mother of 4

-Raped by a serial killer and left for dead


-Accused of lying

-Pressured to abort

-Disowned by my father

-On bedrest for 22 wks

-Told I was carrying evil

-I’m a married mother of 5

-My son started 1st grade yesterday


Christie’s beautiful love for her son has risen upon the hate spewed her way.

Another reason pro-aborts advocate for abortion is to kill babies with special needs – as if their lives somehow matter less.

Sadly, even doctors pressure women to get abortions once they find out their baby will be born with special needs.

But there are countless stories of mothers who have ignored doctors and had their children – who are now thriving!

Another mother of a child with special needs, Leticia Velasquez, proudly shouted her motherhood too:

“I was a 39 married mom of two.

I had three miscarriages 

I had gestational diabetes

Baby had to be born at 35 weeks

She has Down syndrome

She’s the heart of our home at 18

She just voted for the first time!”

These are exactly the kind of stories pro-aborts wish never saw the light of day – because it destroys their narrative.

They assume all women who have been raped or who are carrying a baby with special needs will want an abortion – but that simply isn’t true.

And while liberals can try and spin abortion into something “powerful” and “pro-women” –  nothing is more powerful than a woman who has faced the odds and STILL walked through a difficult pregnancy and got to the other side.

These women proudly shout their motherhoods – and are an inspiration to other women around the country who may be in similar circumstances.

Motherhood is beautiful, and it deserves to be shouted from the rooftop!

Congrats to these ladies for silencing evil with goodness.

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