Doctors Told Mother Of Child With Special Needs He Wouldn’t Survive – Today He Is 18

A pregnant mom was threatened by doctors that her child would never survive.

Marta Johnson McClanahan was pregnant when she found out her son was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 which is classified as an “error in cell division” and can be life threatening.

But not only did Marta’s baby survive birth, he just turned 18! And now, Marta has a message she wants to share with the world.

Taking to Facebook, Marta posted a heartwarming post celebrating his 18th birthday and praising God for the life of her son:

“Screaming from the top of my lungs HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to my amazing, STRONG and happy boy Kayden! To think we were told he wouldn’t live 😢 he sure has proved them all wrong!! He has been through so much and fought so many odds stacked against him 💚 He may have been through alot and we may habe been through alot but he/we have had an amazing 18 years full of LOVE, happiness and lots of fun!

 Drs talked about no quality of life does this look like no quality??? Thank you Lord for this amazing boy and trusting him in our care. We are all so very blessed and pray we have many more years with him.”

If Marta had listened to the doctors, she would have been overwhelmed with discouragement that her son would die.

Instead, she not only gave birth to him but made sure to seek all the proper medical care needed to take care of her son.

And given from her post, her faith was a big part of what sustained her. 

Sadly, many women who are pregnant with a child with special needs are even encouraged to abort their own babies… just because the child will have special needs!

One doctor even ordered an abortion without the consent of the mother! 

While we can celebrate the life of Marta’s son, there is a critical warning all moms need to know.

Some doctors and medical professionals still do not want to deal with children with special needs.

It seems unconscionable, but it’s true. 

Moms with children who have special needs must take critical steps to ensure they select the right doctor.

Live Action reported:

“Despite how well these children are doing, parents of children with Trisomy 18 have discovered, to their horror, that doctors will initiate what’s known as “slow code” when they have a child with the condition under their care. Put simply, in this situation, medical personnel avoid taking measures to save the child’s life or treat underlying health conditions, yet act as if they are taking steps to help. Parents of children with Trisomy 18 must find a doctor they can trust.”

It is truly a sad day for our country when moms can no longer trust doctors to properly take care of their own children.

A woman who is pregnant with a child who then receives news the child will be born with special needs faces a whirlwind of emotions.

And the last thing she needs is some doctor telling her not to have her baby.

Doctors insist they always know best – but as Kayden showed the world – he survived against the odds. 

Happy Birthday, Kayden! We are thankful for your life. 

What are your thoughts on doctors discouraging mothers who are pregnant with a child with special needs?

Do you agree with Marta’s decision to have her baby?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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