Top 5 Habits To Drop For A Healthy Lifestyle 

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It seems we are constantly being bombarded from all corners of life on things we need to be doing.

Our children’s school wants more volunteer hours, the cashier wants you to take her unsolicited parenting advice after your daughter has a mental breakdown over the pink spinning lollipop she can’t have, and that is all before the demands you put on yourself of home, family, and fitness.

But have you ever considering framing your well-being on a small list of things NOT to do instead of a never-ending “To-Do” list?

Here are a list of habits we form consciously or subconsciously that are a detriment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Work on avoiding these few impediments on your life and watch your stress level drop to minimal levels – or at least as low as being a mother will allow since you can’t do much about the random wall art or spilled milk.

  1. Ignoring Mental Health

Parents have the weight of the world on their shoulders most days and asking for help can make some feel like they’re weak or incapable of caring for their children.

However, knowing when your mental health is struggling and being brave enough to do something about it is anything but weak!

It has been said a thousand times, but here it is again, “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others!”

Jason Lee, a relationship science and data analyst with Healthy Framework, has a great tip to keep in mind:

Remember that healthy habits aren’t just about what you eat or drink; they’re also about how you treat yourself emotionally.”

  1. Working Out Too Hard

One of the biggest faux pas in fitness is training too hard too fast and getting burnt out.

This cycle of incorporating fitness in your life for only short bursts instead of a healthy daily schedule is detrimental – and a bad habit.

Tafiq Akhir is a health and fitness specialist and has found that giving his clients shorter workouts has yielded better results and more consistency.

He tells Café Mom:

After switching all of my coaching online, I also shortened my clients’ workout time to 30 minutes instead of one hour. Not only are my clients getting better results, they also have [reduced] joint pain and excessive soreness. They have also found it easier to be more consistent with their workouts.”

  1. Putting Gut Health At The Bottom Of Your Priorities

Mommy Underground has previously reported on the top foods that help keep your child’s gut healthy, but maintaining your own flora is essential to operating at your best.


Alicia Harper, a nutritionist hailing from New York City, told Café Mom:

“Studies have shown that the gut works as a second brain by sending signals directly from the microbiome. The best way to nurture your gut is by eating probiotic-rich fermented foods like kimchi and avoiding processed foods that can trigger inflammation in the gut.”

This means that a happy gut supports increased mental health, weight loss, and so much more.

  1. Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar is the enemy to all the good things we want in our bodies.

It increases rate of aging, causes puffiness and bloating, weight gain, and puts loads of stress on your organs as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Many Americans are addicted to the sweet white stuff and would benefit greatly from making some small changes to help eliminate the sugar overload from their life.

You can be sure your quality of life and your health will make drastic improvements that you won’t be able to deny!

5. Having Pajama Day – Everyday

There’s been an incredible flux in people working from home this past year, which we can’t help but assume has caused sales in the pajama industry to skyrocket.

It is a common misconception that when we get dressed in the morning that it is for someone else.

Yeah, sure your boss appreciates you wearing a suit instead of a t-shirt to work and your husband prefers you not wear slippers on a date, but truly, it is for yourself that you get up and wear something that makes you feel good.

Live Campbell of Treat Dreams knows this all too well:

“This topic hits home. With most of my days working from home, I found myself slipping on my self care. I began wearing pj’s most days and that led to a poor diet and less physical activity.”

“I committed to dressing as if I were working in the office and my other positive behaviors soon followed. It’s led to losing those few pounds I gained as well as a renewed sense of personal energy every day.”

Small habits are slowly picked up throughout our lives that either add or take away from our quality of life.

Take a look at your daily routine to see where you may have allowed one of these habits to slip in.

So, wake up to positive affirmations before beginning a moderate workout that you follow up with a cup of coffee (no sugar!).

You are worth the small changes that give tremendous results, so get dressed and get going!