Woman Ends Up With Horrible Scars From DIY Facial

Photo by Windell Oskay on Flickr.com


Having beauty treatments done by a professional can cost you big money.

The astronomical prices, in addition to having to stay out of the sun, has led more and more skin-obsessed individuals to seek out home treatments for all their skincare needs.

While some of the DIY alternatives surpass whatever pricey options you’re offered at a spa, there are some experimental skincare methods that can leave you with something far worse than sad, wrinkly skin.

In The Know reports:

A 21-year-old reality star from Australia is warning fans against trying out DIY beauty hacks from TikTok after she attempted to give herself an acupuncture facial and now is dealing with deep, severe scarring.”

TikTok is known for featuring some of the most-coveted beauty hacks in the industry.

Anyone from social media influencers to celebrities share their best kept secrets on how they keep their skin glowing and tight.

Some popular tips have been using cinnamon oil to plump lips, securing a ponytail without using a hair tie, and taping a potato to your face to get rid of cystic acne (yes, you read that right).

But where do we draw the line between saving a buck and calling in the professionals?

Definitely when it involves sticking a sharp needle into your face over and over again.

Tilly Whitfield, a contestant on Australia’s Big Brother, was getting bombarded with questions about why she was often on camera with a clay mask treatment applied to her face.

In an Instagram post that went viral, Tilly shared the real reason behind her therapeutic facial treatments.

She wrote:

This is a DIY nightmare!

Not only will she need to use therapeutic skin treatments seemingly indefinitely, she experienced a painful reaction that sent her to the hospital with “temporary loss of vision”!

Tilly’s facial skin also endured “deep below surface-level scarring and dark pigmentation” and her face was “unrecognizable” for weeks – something that is extraordinarily impactful for a blossoming reality-TV star.

Tilly pleaded with her followers to not attempt major DIY skin hacks, and we all agree.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a celebrity has scarred their own skin by trying out beauty tips they’ve seen on social media.

Between acupuncture mutilations and chemical peel catastrophes, it’s just another sign that social media can do more harm than good when in the wrong hands.