Cancer Risks And Birth Control Pills – Is There A Connection?

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As the abortion debate continues to rage, many liberals have suddenly declared a dedicated interest in “women’s health”. 

And while the liberal media pushes women to “get on the pill” to enjoy a “sexually liberating lifestyle” – even conservative doctors are pushing women to take birth control pills to “regulate their monthly cycles.”

But more and more studies have shown prolonged birth control use can lead to cancer – and just wait until you hear the details of how damaging the pill can truly be.  

As we know, most birth control pills contain synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone.

And anytime man-made ingredients are introduced into the body to interrupt the body’s natural cycle – it is taking a massive risk.

But still many health-conscious women who visit their OBGYN each year are regularly encouraged to take birth control to help regulate their monthly cycle. 

And what seems like a harmless pill is actually deadly – causing women to get cancer. 

The National Cancer Institute reported:

“Women who have used oral contraceptives for 5 or more years have a higher risk of cervical cancer than women who have never used oral contraceptives. The longer a woman uses oral contraceptives, the greater the increase in her risk of cervical cancer. 

One study found a 10% increased risk for less than 5 years of use, a 60% increased risk with 5–9 years of use, and a doubling of the risk with 10 or more years of use (9). 

However, the risk of cervical cancer has been found to decline over time after women stop using oral contraceptives (10–12).”

These statistics are insane! 

Teen girls are started on birth control the moment they have an irregular period…

… even though they have 60 percent risk of developing cervical cancer if they take these pills for more than 5 years. 

And since cervical cancer often doesn’t have any symptoms – many women aren’t even aware they have it. 

But not only can birth control pills increase the risk of cervical cancer – they can increase the risk of breast cancer too.

Healthline reported:

“In one early analysis, researchers reviewed results from roughly 54 studies on breast cancer and oral contraceptives. Study results found multiple relationships between the pill and breast cancer.

For women taking combination birth control, the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer was slightly higher, both during and up to 10 years after stopping the pill.”

Of course, those advocating for birth control pills always claim the “benefit” outweighs the risk.

Instead of recommending natural supplements and clean eating – women are being pressured to take synthetic drugs.

If all the liberals who suddenly claim to truly care about women’s “healthcare” were actually in the camp of protecting and advocating for them – then they’d stop turning a blind eye and promoting products that endanger their lives. 

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