School Nurse Goes Rogue And Inserts Birth Control Implant Into Teen Without Parental Consent

A mother was trying to get to the bottom of her teenage daughter’s mysterious illness.

She couldn’t figure out why the teen suddenly became sore and started experiencing headaches.

But once she found out what caused her daughter’s sickness – she became furious – and you will too. 

As it turns out, a school nurse went completely rogue and had the sheer audacity to insert a birth control implant in the teen’s arm.

What makes this disgraceful nurse’s act even more horrifying – is she did this without parental consent!

But it gets even worse.

The mom found out from her daughter’s doctor not only did the school nurse insert the birth control into the teen… but she did it incorrectly.

WMAR 2 News reported that the device was supposed to be in the upper inner arm… but the nurse inserted it in the back of the arm – which according to the teen’s doctor was dangerous and could have caused blood clots.

The recklessness of this nurse could have seriously harmed this teen, more than her soreness and headaches. 

Naturally furious, at the nurse’s inappropriate actions, the mom went to the school to confront the nurse.

After all, a school nurse has absolutely no right to insert anything into an underage child – ESPECIALLY without asking the parent!

As it turns out, the nurse was not apologetic.

In fact, she doubled down her defense of her actions, leaving this mom even more bewildered.

WMAR 2 News reported:

“I actually went to the school. I was furious. I was mad, so I went to the school and the nurse told me, ‘I don’t have to talk to you about absolutely nothing.’ I’m like that is my child, I take care of this child, you can talk to me about my child, and they put me out of the school,” said Lambert.

It is unconscionable school officials think they have the authority to bypass parents and make decisions on their behalf.

The school should have apologized to this mom – and reprimanded the nurse – but instead, they made the mother leave.

An underage child is the responsibility of the parent – period – in all circumstances – and at all times.

But lately, the trend seeks to turn children against their parents and develop a cloak of secrecy so school officials can interfere with children.

From promoting “transgenderism”, to teaching bizarre “sex ed” content – school officials think they can do whatever they want.

And the actions of this latest nurse gone rogue shows just how dangerous schools have become for children.

Parents must continue to remain vigilant and keep an open dialogue with their children to ensure bullish school officials aren’t acting against the will of a parent.

As more and more stories emerge, these days anything can happen, and a parent will be kept in the dark unless they are proactive.

What are your thoughts on the nurse improperly inserting a birth control device into a teen without parental permission?

How would you respond if this happened to your daughter?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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