Conservatives Organize “Sex-Ed Sit Out’’ And Level This Warning To Liberal Teachers

One local mom was fed up with schools forcing their “sex ed” agenda into classrooms, which often included pro-LGBT content and promiscuity, so she fought back.

But she didn’t fight alone, and this fired up mama organized a worldwide “Sex-Ed Sit Out” where parents pulled their children from school, and let the administrators know they were fed up with their radical sexualized agenda.

However, nothing could prepare liberals for the onslaught of conservatives who coordinated around the world to participate in the “Sex-Ed Sit Out.”

And now, schools are scrambling on how to respond, since their radical pro-LGBT agenda has just been blown wide open, exposing the real nature of their true agenda.

Elizabeth Johnston, otherwise known as “Activist Mommy”, fired a verbal warning shot at public school officials.

She warned schools if they didn’t change their ways, the “sit out” would be more than a one-day event, and moms would pull their children out permanently.

The Christian Broadcasting Network reported:

“In an interview with CBN News Johnston said, “We are done.  You’re going to get this LGBT propaganda and graphic sex-ed out of our schools or we’re pulling the children out permanently.”

When liberals criticized conservative parents for pulling their children out of school, Elizabeth Johnston didn’t miss a beat.

She doubled down and fired back an epic response.

The Christian Broadcasting Network continued:

“She said, “You mean to tell me that what we’re going to say, ‘No you will not sexualize our children,’ is going to hurt the kids because they’re missing a day of school?

 Sounds to me like they’re not doing much schooling in there…sounds to me like they’re learning some pretty nasty, vile, obscene things in school.”

Many conservatives applaud the move.

The Benham Brothers, whose show on HGTV was cancelled because of their outspoken Christian views on homoseuxality, took to Twitter to express their support for the sit out.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, leftist teachers have pushed their radical pro-LGBT agenda onto children and continue to do so at an alarming rate.

These kindergarteners, who were forced to hear a story about a “transgender” child, while sitting through a “transition ceremony”  for one of their classmates.

Previously reported by Mommy Underground another teacher  who had a female “partner”, told the class about her personal choice to date women, then cried discrimination when a child pushed back.

Children are no longer safe in schools, as their innocence is put on the line daily with radical teachers circling around seeking to corrupt and devour their young precious hearts.

But light is stronger than darkness.

And conservatives will not sit back as radical LGBT activists come for their children.

The Christian Broadcasting Network concluded:

“Johnston says if people can march for stricter gun control measures, parents should march to protect the innocence of their children.

“We send our kids to school to learn reading and writing and science and history, not how to question whether they really are a boy or a girl and certainly not how to have anal and oral sex,” she said.

“This is pathetic. This is not what we send our kids to school for, and parents are waking up and this is what we wanted to happen. We wanted parents who were in the dark to finally wake up to the terrible nature of what’s going on in the public schools.”

Did you participate in the worldwide Sex-Ed Sit Out?

What message do you want to send to teachers who are teaching a LGBT curriculum to young and innocent children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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