Sleazy Magazine Shows Underage Teens How To Sneak Birth Control Without Parental Consent

Photo by Karina lago on Unsplash


Liberals are determined to corrupt the minds of young girls and lead them down a dark path.

Their latest method of brainwashing includes teaching kids how to follow devious instructions while hiding their actions from their parents.

Even more horrific, their latest stunt is more dangerous than ever – as it sets up girls to be sexually exploited in the worst way.

Every parent knows keeping an open relationship with their teen is important.

Moms want their kids to come to them when they get in trouble – and many tell their children often they can always come to them, even if they mess up.

But liberals know if parents are involved in their child’s life – they will protect their children from the scandalous plans of the left.

So, in order to gain access into young girl’s minds – the left’s new strategy is teaching children how to keep secrets from their parents.

Teen Vogue is known for their trashy articles encouraging teens to get abortions – even running a story titled “What To Get A Friend Post-Abortion.”

And now, they are continuing to give deadly advice to scared young teens.

One teen wrote in asking for advice on how to get birth control since she wasn’t able to do it without parental consent.

Instead of encouraging the teen to talk to her parents, they advised her to go to Planned Parenthood – claiming they’d help her.

They took it even further advising her not to use insurance so her parents wouldn’t find out.

Sending an underage girl to Planned Parenthood truly puts her life at risk.

As Mommy Underground has reported several times – Planned Parenthood is known for covering up sexual abuse in underage girls.

Having an innocent teen walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood is like sending sheep to be slaughtered.

And if a teen girl is able to get on birth control without her parents knowing – what’s to stop a guy from taking advantage of her?

Many sexual predators encourage teens to use birth control so they can hide any evidence of abuse.

This is why parents must be involved in their child’s life.

But instead of encouraging teens to talk to their parents – Teen Vogue seeks to sever the relationship.

Any group that encourages kids to keep secrets from their parents is irresponsible.

Sadly, even school counselors are finding ways to help “confused” teens live out the “gender” of their choice without their parents knowing.

Kids are taught to respect authority and listen to adults in their lives – not yet having the discernment to know when they are being led astray.

We are entering dangerous times if adults have the ability to make decisions for teens against the will (or knowledge) of their own parents.

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